In an unspeakable act of cruelty, this poor girl was “punished” by her inhuman owner for eating a piece of meat that was left to defrost on the porch. He cut off her legs with a chainsaw, and threw her in the dumpster, bleeding and in shock. Sweet girl had been an outdoor dog, neglected, and barely fed. Constantly starving, she could not resist the smell of fresh meat. She paid for it with her legs. Local volunteers were alerted, and seeing her condition, initially considered euthanasia. But all of a sudden, she started wagging her tail, looking up at them, as if begging them: she wanted to live… We had to listen! We named her Burgilda. She is in rough shape – she will need surgery, pain and infection management, extensive treatment, and a long rehabilitation.

We are trying to help volunteers in Siberia bring her back to life. Your donations will help us keep her alive and give her a chance. Every penny you donate will make a difference!



December 26, 2020

Brungilda. She has no hind legs, but she friendly wags her tail and timidly hides her gaze.

The remnants of the paws are cleaned, the right leg is not suitable for prosthetic, but the left hind leg is formed for further prosthetics! She will have a dry bandage on one paw, branolind on the other. The general condition is good. Before the operation, an ultrasound of the heart was done, no abnormalities were found, HW is negative. She was spayed at the same time. She woke up having a great appetite!