Romeo is a beautiful 3 years old lab/hunter mix with a story that will make you doubt humanity, yet his heart did not grow angry. He was abandoned, survived on the streets, and was beaten. He moved from foster to foster back in Russia until one day he ended up with a woman- a volunteer who looked past his issues and fell in love with him. Unfortunately, his mom got terminally ill and she asked us to find him a new home in the USA. Roman arrived in the USA in November and was placed at a foster home that unfortunately turned out to be not reliable. The foster kept him in the room with no lights and asked to remove him or she will bring him to a shelter! 

Knowing how difficult Romeo is we were looking for a qualifying family in many states. And Romeo ended up in Florida. Romeo within the first 5 minutes showed a character to a new owner who refused to give him time to adjust, even though he knew all Romeo’s shortcomings. 

The next day, Romeo took a trip to Boston and was placed with another foster family who was willing to give him a chance. 2 weeks later the family adopted Romeo. He is a completely different dog than all of his previous fosters describe!

Now he has his own bed (by his demand) in a guest room where he collects all of his squeaky toys. He is a funny, loving, gentle giant.