You may know that while COVID paralyzed the planet, our team, in partnership with LIFE animal rescue and Elena Gorlatikh, have been working on a new project – a small sanctuary for homeless dogs.

The construction is almost complete (about 80%). Unfortunately, Russian winter did not allow us to accomplish everything. But we are happy to introduce a few of our dogs.

These are our seven “permanent residents” – dogs who will likely remain at the sanctuary for life, due to their advanced age, medical, or behavioral issues. Yet, they are all safe and loved.

VANECHKA – this big boy was left behind after his owner’s deportation from Russia.

Grandma GERDA, Grandpa MELVIN, and BARNIE – rescued from an abandoned shelter in Tula.

Grandpa BENJIE – came from the local municipal shelter, after being attacked and almost killed by other dogs.KELLY – who lost her home when her mom passed away.

TAFFY – a young puppy from Abkhazia, who is skittish after witnessing her sister’s death.

We know they may never have real families. Yet – mama Lena has a huge heart, and will be the greatest mama in the world to them.All these babies require specialized care, medical support, and ongoing funding for food. If you would like to support their care, please donate to BLLR, with a note: “permanent residents” all of your tax-deductible donation will be used for their care.