Looking at this beautiful girl, you may not guess how much she and her mom DALICE went through. Originally from Russia LUNA (Iris) was so terrified by the transition, that she refused to leave the bathroom for 6 weeks. Pee, poop, eat, and drink – she used the same corner… No one could get her out – the advice was to surrender her or simply to put her down. Luna was very fortunate to be in Dalice’s hands. She didn’t give up on Luna and did everything possible to rehabilitate her. After a few failures with several dog trainers, we called MELISSA from @cleverk9, and Luna was taken to train and board at Melissa’s home. Soon, Luna became an absolutely new puppy! Melissa created a miracle! Luna is still very submissive. Very shy and nervous. But she is getting better every day! Walking on the leash, interested in toys, cuddling, and smiling. It was done by two amazing women – Dalice and Melissa. Two of Luna’s angels. Dalice decided to adopt her regardless and it looks like things are working out! 😊 So – we welcome Luna to our Happily Adopted club! 👍❤ Enjoy your new country and new life where no one will upset or hurt you ever again! And we will enjoy watching your photos and videos – just to make all of us so much happier!