Update May 24, 2021

Malysh has made it to the US, and is thriving with his adoptive family.

“…I don’t see him as a crippled dog- I see him as a special boy that lights up a room when he walks in.” – Kathy, Malysh’s mom

Update April 28, 2021

Malysh is doing much better in the rehabilitation center surrounded by love and round the clock care! His wounds are slowly healing but the process can take months. So it is time to go home, to his wonderful foster mom in NY to continue recovery. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds for his flight that is estimated to be around $1300! Please help Malysh fly to the USA. Every little bit will bring him closer to his new beginning he so desperately needs and deserves.

Update April 7, 2021

Malysh visited another doctor today who explained that the surgery couldn’t be done any different due to the nature of the injury – the spine fractured at the lower part and its displacement moved the blooded and damaged nerve endings. As a result Malysh cannot control the urine flow. He confirmed urinal dermatitis and prescribed all the necessary medications to help clear it out. These areas also need to be cleaned regularly and closely watched to ensure that once everything starts healing the scarring does not block the opening where the urine flows from to avoid another surgery. Please help us with Malysh’s recovery.

Update April 4, 2021

Life in the box was very tough for Malysh. It was not a place for a sweet disabled pup to be at. He was accepted to a rehab center after he was cleared of any viruses that could harm the rest of the residents of the rehab. So yesterday Malysh had finally arrived to this wonderful center in Moscow. And today he already visited a doctor for his first consultation. An X-ray and bunch of other tests were done to evaluate his condition. As you can see he has a displaced fracture in the spine. Most likely it affected nerve endings because his sphincter doesn’t work.

The good news is that the ultra sound showed that his bladder is not overfilled and its walls are not that thick to be considered too abnormal. They took urine samples with a catheter because it is continuously leaking out. His intestines are a slightly inflamed and add discomfort and fear for expressing procedure or any other manipulations. Doctors also ran bactericidal inoculation test, urinal test, and blood tests. During the visit doctor said that the surgery of the penis wasn’t done correctly – it needed to be put higher, then he wouldn’t have gotten urinal dermatitis. As a result large outgrowths had developed, so he might need surgery to remove them, and we feel it would be safer if it is done in the US. We have scheduled another visit for a second opinion this coming Wednesday.

Right now Malysh is in great hands, same hands that took care of our Nosik and Petrusha. Malysh could not have done better and we are absolutely positive that everything that is needed will be done for Malysh!

But as everything worthy, it is not cheap and he has a long road to recovery before him. Please donate to give Malysh a second chance for life without pain.

March 21, 2021


Malysh is about 2.5 years old. He lives in very poor conditions, in an area of Russia with no resources. He was found in a ditch, on a four-lane speedway, with a crushed spine. Barely alive. Not clear how long he was lying there, unable to move, but still clinging to life… Most likely, he was a dumped pet – in that area, many people pull over and throw pets out of their vehicles. Dogs try to run after their humans and get hit. He was clearly once someone’s pet: too sweet, gentle, and socialized. Malysh loves everyone. He is so gentle and so grateful for any scrap of attention. Sweet, quiet, unassuming boy. Just thankful to be alive. Although local volunteers did all they could, his bladder has not been expressed for almost 2 years (he needs it expressed twice a day or more). Due to chronic infections, his penis was amputated, but it did not resolve the infections or the discomfort because he is not getting the right care. Volunteers are kind and dedicated, but they do not have the skills or the resources to care for Malysh. We want to step in and help. If a miracle happens, and one of you decides to adopt him, we would bring him to you and teach you everything you need to know: Malysh could have a perfectly happy, healthy life. He just needs the right care.