We rescued this senior pup during the summer of 2020. Melvin is a 10 year old GS and super mutt mix who spent most of his life chained to a tiny dog house and then ended up in a small cage of shelter where he was doomed to spend the rest of his life without ever living it. If it was not for volunteers no one would have ever known about Melvin. His life was never pleasant so when we learned about Melvin we knew he needs to see different side of humanity. And while he may never find his family in Russia and won’t be able to fly to the USA due to old age, we will make sure he lives comfortably at our sanctuary, has a lot of nature time and yummy meals. Melvin would appreciate some support from afar.

March 2022

Melvin, when he first arrived to our sanctuary. Summer 2020

He could hardly use his hind leg.

Now, he can play and looks happy!