The CDC ban on dog import from 113 countries went into effect on July 14th 2021, which means that BLLAR rescue will not be able to bring any more dogs from Russia. When the ban was announced a month ago, our rescue bent over backwards and made a huge push to save as many Russian strays as we could… This was their last chance and our hearts break for many who were left behind. The costs of transport being outrageous, and only getting worse during this unexpected crisis – made it extremely challenging!

With your help we were able to give a chance to 55 strays – all in the past month!

This past month was incredibly stressful, and it took an enormous amount of time, emotional and financial resources. But it was all well worth it – 55 lives saved. 55 happy stories and loving connections. Many amazing people had to come together to create this miracle.

Volunteers, partner rescues, supporters – we could not do this without you: your kindness, hard work, and unconditional support was critical in this effort! And many, many more amazing people! Thank you to each and every one of you! Please know that these lives have been saved by YOU. Their future, their joy, their happiness – will now be their reality because of YOU. Please also know that by helping these 55 dogs you’ve saved at least 55 more that will take their place in our sanctuary.We are humbled by your kindness, generosity, and support.

Stay tuned for happy journeys!