November 3, 2021

Rex visited another ohtalmologist today for a second opinion.

The eye became worse in spite of a constant treatment for the prior two weeks. Sadly, the doctor confirmed the surgery is necassary as he also suspects tumor.

The surgery is scheduled for next Wendsday, November 10th.

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October 24, 2021

Its not clear what happened to poor Rex prior to being dumped at a rural shelter. What is clear, however, is that this dog had never had it easy – neither at home nor at the shelter.

By the time we were contacted, Rex was living in horrible conditions for at least 3 years. He lives in a small, dirty outdoor kennel, and no one noticed his medical condition. Poor boy’s eyes are extremely inflamed and infected. He is very uncomfortable, but has given up asking for help. He is acting resigned.

We immediately took him to an ophthalmologist. Unfortunately, one eye is already lost, and they suspect a tumor. They ran some tests, but will need to follow up with another specialist. If the tumor is confirmed, Rex will need surgery to remove the eye but we hope we can safe the other one.

Rex cannot be returned to that shelter – besides terrible living conditions, there is no one to follow the doctor’s orders to apply eye drops 6 times a day. It is imperative that we take him to a medical boarding (which is about $215 per month) where he can finally rest, eat, get much needed treatment, and finally feel loved.

Shelters like this are very hard on healthy dogs but for dogs like Rex it is a death sentence. Nutrition is not existent. They are fed kibble, mixed with dirt and pieces of old salami.

If you want to help Rex, please donate!