This story is about a sweet but betrayed dog named Leon who came all the way from Russia in hopes of finding what he so sadly lost.
Before coming to a small rural shelter in Russia, Leon was owned by a man who eventually served in the Russian army.
Being an active Australian Sheperd/Border Collie Golden cross, he was given up by this man’s family, who no longer had time for him. Leon walked in the woods with his owner daily and now was in a shelter, with lots of other dogs who he loved.
Big Little Life Animal Rescue wanted to try to find someone like his previous owner here in the US. So, he came to the US in June and was a happy boy getting field training and playing with his other 2 shelter buddies, Mani and Raphael, also from Russia.
Things changed when his trainer suddenly left. Once she could not do this training, he became fearful, developed cage aggression and has been languishing at this shelter ever since. His friends, Mani and Raphael are also gone, he has no one now.
Our deadline is December 30th to find him a good foster home, where he can have downtime, and peace while also getting the daily exercise and one on one training he needs to thrive.
Leon is a sweet dog but like most herding breeds, he does not like loud frenetic environments. He needs that relationship with a single person or couple who can give him daily walks and a quiet warm loving home. He is great with other dogs, and he prefers a home with no children.
Leon has been through so much, and he deserves this chance to thrive. His heart is broken, and he is scared and nervous all the time where he is.
So, I am asking you my friends, to help me save this boy.
If you have it in your heart to take him in, he will reward you with love and a fierce bond. He is active and needs a place to decompress. He has let people know he is not happy. This is why he needs a special foster person. Someone who will take the time to understand him.
We will also be working with a trainer, but we are desperate to get him into a safe home first.
Thank you, if it’s you, please message me. Or share this to all you know. Remember, the clock is ticking for this little man.
We do not want to fail this sweet soul.
Bless you!