We don’t know what happened to Jonny Silver. He was dropped off at the kill shelter in South Korea – dirty, tired, and with a broken leg – the elbow and carpus joints are both deranged.Korean volunteers rescued Jonny and took care of him. Love and care once again have done miracles and he turned into an adorable pup who will melt your heart.
His leg is in bad shape, and does cause him discomfort and pain. Our consulting veterinarian Dr. Amy Shroff strongly feels the broken leg is creating a lot of discomfort and suggests Jonny sees an orthopedic surgeon for a consult. You’ve already seen what miracles this doctor has done to help #beema_biglittlelife walk again, and we hope there is a possibility to repair Jonny’s leg as well.

Jonny is only 5 years old. It is very possible he lived with this injury for years but now he has a chance to a happy pain-free life. With your help he can finally have it!Please consider donating to help us fund his consultation and surgery.

UPDATE: Jonny at the foster in the USA