This cruel and murderous war revealed a lot of heroes who did not escape and stayed behind to continue helping those who are in need. We are certain you would love to know whom we’ve been helping with your tremendous support. We will be updating this blog with information on everyone we help and their incredible work.

We’ll start with a volunteer – an amazing young man whose work we’ve been following and admiring.

Meet Aleksii. He is a miner, animal lover and a volunteer. He lives in Brovari, a small town just outside of Kiev.  Aleksii has been rescuing and helping animals for the past decade in his home town but when the war started his mission has expanded. He drives around Kiev region with as many bags and cans of food his small car can fit in order to help both animals and those people who opened their hearts and homes for distressed animals despite their own struggles.  Aleksii believes in humane way to reduce stray dogs population by sterilization program which he continues to implement even now.

We have been following Aleksii for a while, way before the war, and have always been impressed with how many lives he was able to save single- handed. Now, during the war, Aleksii has completely dedicated himself to saving animal lives. So many abandoned, injured, lost, and displaced during the Russian invasion! 

Aleksii is all by himself, he has no logistical/on-the-ground support and financial support, except BLLAR.

We are very grateful for all the donations and wishlist items! Your kindness and support is so incredibly helpful to the people and pets of Ukraine that are in great need. We are packing and shipping all your donations of much needed supplements, wound care, treats, blankets and much more to a shelter outside of Kiev. 

Thankfully, volunteers are also able to buy food local and with your support we are able to provide funds.  Unfortunately prices skyrocketed 3 times.