Born in Korea and destined to die in a cold, loveless stall, Chichi was given a second chance at life when she was saved and brought to the foster home. There, she let herself hope again…only to have her dreams of living torn away from her again.

One of the reasons that Chichi was undesirable in Korea was because of the fact that she was heartworm positive. No one wanted a dog that came with a cost. Heartworm is costly but Chichi didn’t deserve to die because of that so we worked with a team to get her out, treat her, and eventually get her transported to the USA, where she could find a family and live happily But when our team pulled her from the shelter and got her into a home to prepare for her for this, everything that could go wrong…did.

Within two days, little Chichi collapsed out of nowhere and was unable to stand or move her neck. She deteriorated in a matter of HOURS, and in a panic, we rushed her to the hospital. There, her doctors were at a loss – they were not sure what was going on. Most of her tests did not find any abnormalities, and yet she was dying. It took several expensive diagnostic procedures, including a CT scan, but in the end, we learned what was wrong. Chichi had horrific trauma to her spine. We were blown away at how this could have happened? How long was she living with this? Was she deliberately injured? Did she suffer an injury from a broken crate? Our doctors can’t give us answers right now. What we do know is that Chichi was diagnosed with Alanto axial instability – the C2 vertebrae is not in proper position – and needs life-saving emergency surgery.

Chichi has a very long and expensive journey ahead: additional tests, diagnostics, and rehab, but Chichi has a strong will to live, and with the right care, she is expected to recover! Once she does, we will find her the forever home she deserves. But first, we need to provide her with appropriate care: so far, the vet bill is over $4k! We expect at least double that cost. We need your help to save this sweet and deserving survivor. Please donate today to help.

May 21, 2022

Chichi is out of surgery. Her doctors say it went well and give positive prognosis, but her recovery will take TIME. Chichi is a fighter and everything that is necessary is being done for her. She will remain at the hospital under 24/7 supervision for quite some time.  We have no doubt she’ll heal completely and when she does she will fly to the USA to be adopted.  But to make this happen we need your help more than ever. The bill will be hefty.  It is 6,482,350 Korean Won so far (a little over 5K)

More updates to come.

June 3, 2022

It’s 5 dollar Friday and we’ve got good news for you! Look at this. Chichi really is the symbol of a miracle. Just this week, she started walking and actually RUNNING.

She is doing amazing so far and even though she still has weeks of healing ahead of her, she is on the right path! It’s so amazing to see. We are still short to pay for her surgeries and she still needs to visit her doctors for follow ups twice a week now that she is in foster care, so stay tuned as the times go by and please consider donating! Anything and everything helps!

July 2, 2022

As you can see, little Chichi is doing much better! She continues her weekly visits to a clinic and started her HW treatment and in a few months she will fly to the USA.

Chichi is so happy to have a home, even a temporary one, that she hoppes right into her carrier as soon as a vet finishes his manipulations. 

We still need your help to cover all the expenses. Thank you for your compassion!