March 23, 2023

We did not report back about Nayda’s condition because all this time we were fighting for her life.She had to undergo several emergency surgeries to remove ruptured tumors.  After a course of chemo injections and oral chemo, her intestinal function was negatively affected. The treatment had to be interrupted to address this new issue. Nayda lost a lot of weight and was placed on a special diet.

She had to stay at the clinic and was in critical condition.  When her condition improved, she was back on her chemo regimen. The tumors didn’t shrink much but they stopped growing. It looked like we were back on track however a few days ago she developed oncological edema.

 Nayda continues to be hospitalized under supervision until she feels well. It is very painful to see her health taking roller-coaster turns, but she has a strong will to live and everything possible on our part is being done for her recovery.

Sweet Nayda have never seen kindness from people. She was neglected to the point when most of her body was covered with tumors. and her weakened body takes so much longer to heal.  Nayda deserves us to continue to fighting for her life, and we desperately need your help to make a difference in her life. 

Please consider donating towards her medical expenses. Any amount will help Nayda to have a fighting chance. 

Thank you for your kindness!

Five years ago, Nayda was a small puppy that lived in her owner’s yard. But as she grew, her worth and value did not and her family became so disgusted by her that they threw her out on the streets where dozens of tumors and sores formed on her skin, making her feel ashamed of her own body.

We don’t know exactly how long she lived like a stray, scurrying around the streets for safety, warmth, and food every day but her body shows signs of long-term starvation and neglect. Many people saw her and many people did nothing, despite seeing the bloody open wounds on her body and desperation in her eyes. One night though, she curled up on the mat of a nearby store and a customer actually noticed her. They noticed her and unlike all the other locals, decided to DO something about what they saw.

We were contacted and our teams rushed out there to pick her up but once we got our hands on her, we were horrified to see just how far she had fallen. Her body had DOZENS of tumors, there was a large hematoma on her back that was bleeding, and the side of her belly had something of a huge hole in it. They could even see her insides..

Nayda was rushed to a clinic, and after x-rays, ultrasound, and biopsy, veterinarians concluded that she has multiple mast cell tumors – cancer – and that she will only survive if chemotherapy is done. The only problem is that her bloodwork indicated that she is too weak for this intense treatment right now and so, Nayda has been hospitalized to receive intensive supportive therapy until her body stabilizes enough to proceed with treatment.

Despite all she’s been through, Nayda is the sweetest and the kindest of the “strays” we have seen. She longs for people’s attention and she finally is able to see love. Please consider donating to give her a fighting chance. Together, we can help this little girl feel better and, hopefully, recover! Thank you so much!