To all Oscar’s friends – THANK YOU! Your kindness and generosity showed Oscar that miracles are possible. He is receiving the best possible post-op care that should put him back on 4 paws.  We are very proud of Oscar as he continues to make great strides toward recovery.  His PT includes daily massages and therapeutical exercises. The wheelchar exercises are aimed to straighten his spine and a water therapy – to gain muscle mass.

Oscar was a stray and an easy target. A living punching bag that no one would miss or care about should something happen. And some monstrous person took full advantage of that by savagely beating him with a sledgehammer.

If a picture worth a thousands words, then a video worth a million. We’d like to share a few special moments to show how Oscar is doing today. Granted, he still has a lot of work to do but his positive response to all the activities is making us cry happy tears.