These eight helpless little puppies, all girls, were dumped in a box outside the veterinary clinic in Tula.

Our volunteer who was visiting another dog boarded there for a treatment, grabbed the box and ran to the clinic for help just to get this response: “we can euthanize if you pay the fee. That is all we can offer. Otherwise, just leave them – they are dehydrated and will just freeze. Do not worry, it will be over quicky. This happens most days, and there is nothing we can do.” There are people who can go by their day knowing someone is in distress and then there are people who can’t.

It is a second litter of puppies our volunteer finds this month; she is overwhelmed and has no recourses to help eight more, but no way could she let them die. She sent us the video and we cannot let them die either.

We desperately need YOUR help and donations to have them checked by a vet, arrange for safe boarding (until they are old enough to be spayed), vaccinate and de-worm. And then they will need safe homes.

Please help them grow old.

If you’d like to sponsor a puppy for spay/vaccines and boarding, please let us know.