We did not expect to hear the news we received from the specialty clinic in Moscow. With the suggestions from local doctors we expected a different outcome. However, local rural veterinarians have made many mistakes in the past – which is why we take our dogs with uncertain diagnosis to Moscow.  

So, there are good news and not so good news. According to Kelvin’s CT scan results, the surgeon recommended against reconstructive surgery. The bone which was stabilized by doctors in Kelvin’s home town, started to heal, as much time was lost prior to his arrival to Animal Control and while we waited for our appointment. CT scan showed volumetric inflammation of soft tissues but there are no pronounced bony sequestrum observed.

Certainly, no corrective surgery is not ideal, yet the doctors believe re-breaking the bone at this stage would be too risky, and the outcome would be uncertain. However, Kelvin’s CT scan was sent to another orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion and he confirmed the same. The bad news is that Doctors found P. aeruginosa that is causing significant swelling and pain around the wound. The treatment is lengthy and complicated (P. aeruginosa is often resistant to many classes of antibiotics and therapeutic agents, and this makes it problematic during infection as it can be difficult to treat). Doctors took an antibiotic resistance test and selected the treatment which should help Kelvin get rid of this nasty bacteria.  If we can treat this condition, Kelvin is expected to be able to walk (with a limp, but on his own). 

Kelvin was discharged to the shelter with a treatment plan which will be followed by local doctors until his next appointment at the end of the month. He will need to travel back to Moscow for a follow up. 

Kelvin is such a big baby, a bit scared of doctors and refuses to leave his comfort zone. We have to initially beg him to go to his appointments 😀 But once he is in, he stoically handles all the manipulations as there is no more excruciating pain he felt for so long.

Gentle Giant Deliberatley Beaten & Left Screaming From The Pain In Cemetery