Westy’s weak state and partial blindness made him a great candidate for a bait dog. We hate to think that his owner suddenly decided to get involved in a dog fighting business and used his own dog as a punching bag.  Most likely, Westy was sold out for such purpose or was discarded due to an old age and became an easy target for his abusers.

Imagine a life as a member of a family for 10+ years, only to find yourself as bait for a pack of hungry trained fighting dogs.  Such is the life of Westy, a senior, partially blind pet, discarded by his owners who were no longer willing to care for him.  Heartborken, hungry, disoriented, confused, he became an easy target.  

We got a call about a dog laying on a side of the road, covered in blood and unable to stand, and rushed to his rescue. The severity of his condition was unclear until we brought him to a clinic,  where multiple wounds (at least 3 days old) were revealed. The side of his abdomen showed drag marks and the dirt was ingrained into the wounds.  Two canine teeth were found inside a large wound on his neck: most likely, larger dogs were trying to finish him off.   Smaller wounds were cleaned up and larger wounds had to be stitched.  

Westy is safe now but his body is frail and scarred,  and his condition remains critical.  He is anemic from all the infections and neglect.  Westy is a senior dog with preliminary diagnosis of kidney issues as well as spinal cord injuries.  We are doing everything we can to help this lovable senior.  His medical care and upkeep require funds.  We urge you to support Westy so he can live out the rest of his senior life in comfort,  without any more pain and hunger.  

Please donate and share Westy’s story to reach as wide of an audience as possible.  Every dollar will go directly to his  medical care.  Westy, despite his poor condition and years of neglect is full of love and gratitude towards his caretakers.  He deserves our help and support and we will be grateful for any donation you can make.