Xena’s story is all too common in rural Russia. This girl was lucky enough to be born a pure breed Sennenhund and to enjoy life as someone’s pet for most of her life. She was there when the kids were born, and was a faithful and loving “nanny” to them through their early childhood. But as she turned older, the kids got bored with her, and the family replaced her with a new puppy at Christmas time..

Eight-year-old Xena was no longer wanted, so the family brought her to a remote location and left her on a side of the highway. Instead of spending her golden years in a loving, warm home with her kids – she ended up all alone, in a strange, cold, and dangerous place. Imagine her grief and confusion.  Yes, dogs have feelings, and yes, they are known to cry. Pet dogs like Xena, who spend all of their lives at home do not survive in the streets. They are rarely accepted by the street dogs, and most of them perish from cold, starvation, or bite wounds (that is if they do not get poisoned or run over by a car first).  

Poor Xena was heartbroken, confused, hungry, scared and very cold. She eventually found her way to a nearby grocery store dumpster. The store owner was not pleased, called animal control, and Xena ended up in AC holding. Our volunteer frequently visits that place, and was struck by Xena’s sweetness and outgoing nature. She felt sorry for her and thought she did not belong in a kill shelter. Xena was moved to a different shelter, where she quickly became everyone’s favorite. Always sweet, happy, and loving – this girl was so grateful for every scrap of attention. She would always wag her tail, and wait patiently until one of the shelter volunteers arrives to take her for a weekly walk – her favorite time.

In January, volunteers noticed a bump at the base of Xena’s tail. At first, the vet was not concerned – but the bump kept growing and eventually ulcerated. By the time volunteers brought her to another local clinic, the mass did not look good. After general testing,  Xenia was found to be heartworm positive. They could not diagnose the mass without extensive biopsy. The local veterinarian considers surgery to be the best course of action, as the biopsy would require general anesthesia regardless. 

We would like to give Xena a fighting chance. She needs expensive heartworm treatment and surgery/biopsy of the mass on her back. Once biopsy results are obtained, we would have a treatment plan for Xena. We are hopeful that we can get her back on her feet, and asking for your help with Xena’s medical expenses. She has no one but us, and without funds, she will not be able to receive much-needed treatment. She needs your prayers and support.