We are happy to announce that Halle has found her forever home with a compassionate and loving family.

After Halle’s story touched the hearts of people near and far, a remarkable family stepped forward to provide her with the safe and nurturing environment she so desperately needed. This loving family, already blessed with two older canine companions, visited the shelter and welcomed Halle with open arms into their home. We are filled with hope and optimism for Halle’s future. Though it has only been a week since Halle left the shelter, her spirits are already up, and she is adapting beautifully to her new surroundings.

Having tragically lost her own family to a brutal fate, the presence of the family’s older dogs has offered Halle a sense of security and companionship, aiding in her healing process. However, it is the loving touch of humans that she craves most of all.

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has shown their support for Halle. ❤