FOR TWO HARROWING DAYS he laid helpless by the roadside in the dirt, barely moving his head left with only enough strength to force out faint cries.   For two days, everyone passed by, snapping pictures (which were eventually sent to us), until this morning when we finally rescued him. The dog is in critical condition – he’s drenched in urine, both jaws are broken, his pelvis is shattered, his leg is fractured and he has a concussion. There are no visible signs of a spinal fracture, but he’s in a state of extreme shock.

He’s currently at the veterinary clinic receiving urgent care, where doctors are desperately trying to bring him out of shock. His response has been poor, but we are fighters, and we believe in the power of Love. We can’t yet tell what the future holds for Stich, but in times of extreme resource scarcity, we know that this soul deserves a fighting chance. 

We anticipate that his immediate medical needs and required medical boarding will surpass $4,000. We are in dire need of your support to save Stich, and we ask for your donations. Please, don’t be a bystander; stand with us and help us rescue this suffering soul. After enduring two days of unimaginable agony, he deserves a shot at life. Every contribution, no matter how small, can save his life and make a world of difference.

UPDATE: September 16, 2023

UPDATE: September 19, 2023