Stich remains in critical condition, in the intensive care unit, where he spends most of his time in a semi-conscious state. Doctors are tirelessly working to stabilize him. Fortunately, the ultrasound results show that everything appears normal, though there are minor deviations in his bloodwork, which is not unexpected.

I won’t even attempt to list all the fractures he’s endured, this poor, innocent soul. Yet, there is a silver lining – the integrity of his spinal column remains intact. The possibility of traumatic brain remains uncertain. He desperately needs an MRI, but we cannot administer anesthesia just yet, as concerns about his kidney function persist. He produces only small amounts of urine, facilitated through a catheter. Tomorrow, the kidney function test results will provide more insight.

Stich isn’t unable to eat or drink, relying solely on IV nourishment. He’s on diuretics and pain relievers, under constant 24/7 supervision. Through all of this, we hold onto hope. There is always hope.

We urge you to continue your support for Stich. His road to recovery will undoubtedly be filled with bumps and obstacles, but together, we can provide the light he needs at the end of this challenging journey.