Westy’s frailty and age, evident in his every movement, speak of the hardships of his 15+ years. He is nearly def and blind, and his kidney condition requires regular checkups and medicine to keep him comfortable. No hope of finding a human willing to take on such a significant responsibility and expense.

  • Male
  • 15+ Years old
  • Neutered
  • Medium Size
  • At the shelter since 2023

Westy is a shelter resident since April 2023

In a cruel twist of fate, this little senior sweetie – who is partially blind to boot – was willfully discarded by his family, after more than a DECADE of showing them nothing but love and loyalty. And suddenly, this poor boy’s sole purpose became not to simply “exist,” but to endure routine and relentless pain: Seen as nothing more than a punching bag – as mere “bait” to be used by the so-called “humans” who were training their fighting dogs to mutilate another animal. 

Westy had drag marks all over his poor abdomen, which indicate he had been forcefully pulled. And to top it all off, there were TWO  canine teeth discovered – lodged deeply within a large, infected wound on his neck.

Altogether, these signs point to a single, harrowing conclusion: Larger dogs had tried to end his life, on more than just one occasion. 

Westy’s recovery is ongoing and he would appreciate some support from afar.

Westy Before