A senior dog of over 12 years of age, Kuray came to the shelter from a Gas station where he lived for about 5 years.

  • Male
  • 12+ Years old
  • Neutered
  • Large
  • At the shelter since 2021

He is old, this gentle giant closer to an Alabai, and he’s been blind for quite some time. His journey led him into a catch-and-release program, where he underwent neutering and was released back to the streets, with no one realizing his sight was gone. But when people noticed, they brought him back. That’s when we stepped in and brought him to the shelter. At that point, he was already about ten years old. His joints were aching, so he received thorough examinations, vitamins, and injections. Sadly, he stopped being able to stand on his own due to painful paws. Fortunately, there was an open pen with a wooden floor at the facility, where he was moved. Now, we gently carry him on towels.