Aged 8.5 years, Lilu has been at the shelter since 2015, having arrived as a puppy. A pack of adult dogs tragically attacked and tore apart her entire family. Only Lilu and her sister were miraculously rescued by volunteers. Lilu sustained severe spinal injuries in the attack.

  • Female
  • 8.5 years old
  • Spayed
  • Medium
  • At the shelter since 2015

For a long time, she couldn’t walk, but with time and determination, we managed to teach her to stand again. Despite her resilience, she remains hesitant around people, hardly allowing anyone to touch her. Other dogs in her enclosure bullied her, often preventing her from eating. We’ve relocated her and she’s managed to grow accustomed to the staff member who feeds her but hides in the corner of her kennel when approached by anyone else. She’s destined to live out her days at the shelter. It’s essential to examine her heart and overall health as, since her initial admition, this has not been done. She also requires high grade food to sustain her aging body.