Aged over 15 years, Frost has been in the shelter since January 2016. He was discovered on a highway, his body frozen deep inside the ice. During his initial time at the shelter, he was so traumatized that he didn’t even want to come out of his kennel. He feared being evicted every time the hay in his enclosure was replaced. To this day, he remains cautious, valuing his little haven and food bowls immensely.

  • Male
  • 15 years old
  • Spayed
  • Medium
  • At the shelter since 2016

During walks, he quickly returns, darting back to check on his kennel before taking an inventory of his scarce belongings. He always hides some food for later. He’s been treated for bursitis in his legs and had a large wart on his ribs; however, histological tests confirmed it’s not cancerous. He needs to be feed prescription diet and is likely to spend the remainder of his days in the shelter.