Senior dogs represent the shelter’s most vulnerable residents. Some have aged within these walls, while others, betrayed by the very people they trusted, have found themselves spending their golden years behind bars. And then, there are those for whom the shelter became a refuge, a place where they finally find relief from the horrific past, but it’s a refuge that comes with its own kind of solitude.

These old souls, once vibrant and full of life, now relegated to the shadows. Their eyes tell stories of neglect, of aches endured in silence, of dreams shattered by the harshness of life. Each dog here bears the scars of a past they never chose. The weight of their years had thrown them on a sideline without any hope to ever feel love, without a voice to call their own. It’s as if they’ve been deemed unworthy of the warmth of a home, the kindness of a human touch. In their vulnerability, they find themselves outnumbered by the young and healthy, left to fend for themselves in a world that seems to have moved on.

With each passing day, we’re faced with their reality, and it’s one that gnaws at the soul. We watch as they’re passed over for the younger ones, the more vibrant ones. Our hearts break as we see the light in their eyes fade, their hope dimming. We find ourselves drowning in guilt, haunted by the thought that we couldn’t do more, that they deserve more. These dogs, these old souls, have so much left to give – in loyalty, in companionship, in the lessons only years can teach.

Among the 600 animals living at the shelter, reside 34 senior dogs aged between 10 and 17 years. For these dogs each day is a battle with chronic pains and new aches. Sadly, many never receive their dental care which can make their eating painful.  While circumstances may have pushed them to the sidelines, the least we can do is help them live out their days in comfort and care. Please help us show them that their lives matter and confront their pains by providing them with much needed veterinary care, tailored nutrition and comfortable environment.

Every donation, any size, carries their hope, each penny turns it real.