Our group came together after years of volunteering and life-long, deep love and respect for animals. Each of us has had a strong connection with animals since early childhood. We see animals as beautiful, sentient beings, who are capable of unconditional love and acceptance. We believe that animals can feel and have complex experiences, just like humans. We also believe that every animal deserves respect and kindness, no matter where they are located. To us, a life is a life.

Big Little Life Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, relying solely on donations to continue its work. We are a group of animal lovers, based in MA, NY, ME, and PA. All of us are professionals, with full-time jobs, families, and pets, united by our love and commitment to animals. We do not get paid. You give $5, they get $5. Period.

"Our mission is to rescue. Our dream is that one day, we won’t have to."

We are focusing on rescuing stray, abandoned, and abused animals from shelters and the streets.
To give you a sense of what we do, meet Nosik, and join us in following his journey.

What We Do

A Story of One Dog

Nosik was severely beaten by his owner.  His leg was chopped off with an ax, his body -broken, his skull – crushed to pieces… He meant to kill Nosik, and discarded his body in a ditch, bleeding and motionless. Nosik miraculously survived. He was not ready to go yet. Nosik was brought to the local (rural) clinic, where they did all they could to save him. Nosik will never be the same. His brain injury was too severe for normal functioning. He is blind and mostly deaf. He is unable to bark. He seems to be lost in a world of his own, stumbling around, looking for something. He is kind, and mellow, and loves human touch and good food. And, somehow, he is still able to love. He has difficulty walking, but likes to be outside, and will try to dig or just walk in circles. He lived in a shelter, in an outdoor kennel, where he can orient himself and find shelter from rain and snow. We thought Nosik deserved better! Follow Nosik’s journey here

Escaping Cremation Oven

Little Dina should have died on September 1st, 2020. In fact, she was scheduled to be burnt alive in a cremation oven together with 35 other unfortunate dogs. She was just a few days away from being barbarically utilized.

She was born stray and for the first 6 months of her life was living on the streets trying to survive until one day she ended up in a place that reeked death. She spent weeks in a crowded cage without food when we learned about this place called hell. All but Dina were pulled just in time. Dina stayed behind. No one wanted her. Alone and scared, we couldn’t let her die and arranged transportation to our shelter where we learned she was subjected to a horrible spay procedure and developed internal bleeding and infection.  3 months later, Dina arrived in LA, stole the hearts of her new family, and just has them under her little paw. See her before and after.

Our mission

  • Rescue $ Nurture
    • Maintain non-kill refuge;
    • Provide a shelter for unwanted animals until a time that they may be adopted to qualified homes;
    • Provide long-term care for those animals not appropriate for adoption;
    • Provide foster homes for those animals unable to live in a shelter;
    • Provide necessary veterinary care;
    • Spaying and neuturing of strays
  • Rehabilitate
    • Rehabilitate abused and abandoned animals;
    • Improve the temperament of those animals who are ill-tempered by training programs;
  • Adopt
    • place rescued and homeless animals into permanent adoptive homes;
  • Partner Programs
    • Partner with rescues and local volunteers to better the lives of animals

What people are saying

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