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    NOTE: In addition to adding a furry friend to your family you are saving a LIFE. Please read animal's bio carefully. Remember, you are applying for a rescue dog who has a past. Some were abandoned, others saved from deplorable conditions. We did most of the work - all of them are healthy and rehabilitated (unless specified otherwise) and now you will need to continue by helping your new pup understand he is safe and loved.
    For many dogs adjustment to a new home will be swift but for some it will take time. Uncharacteristic behavior due to long travel is also possible during first week. Imagine yourself being flown to an unfamiliar place and your fate is unknown to you. You can't ask questions you just have your instincts to survive.
    Please only apply if you are absolutely willing and able to give your dog TIME and CHANCE to adjust.


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    If an adoption takes place, I will allow the pet(s) to be delivered to ensure that I will provide a hazard-free home.

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    The 3-3-3 Rule will help you understand what your new furry pal will experience through the first 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months once in their new home.

    Check our Resourses page for information on recommended food, microchip registry, etc.