24 May


Sasha, a dog with human eyes who was rescued 7 months ago from a horrible hoarding situation. She spent many many long months tied to a tiny dog house, with a chopped off paw next to her dead puppies, eating fealthy substance they called food.

Sasha can cry like a human. We saw her tears first time when she left a hell hole shelter in Vladimir, Russia,
The second time 7 months later, when she arrived to the USA on May 21, 2021 and saw her mom whom she fell in love instantly with.

7 long month of rehabilitation, HW treatment and Sasha is finally home. From the first day she follows her mom everywhere and enjoys undivided attention.

We hope that is the last time she cried. No more grief!

Be happy little Sasha!

We rarely ask for donations, only when we absolutely can’t do it ourselves, but we have many animals at our shelter that need help, so if you can help us get a prostethis for Sasha’s paw so she can walk pain and wound free, you’d help us tremendously!  Thank you! ❤


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02 Apr

These Puppies Need Help

Looking for Sponsors!

April 11, 2021

We cought the Parvo in the very beginning and Puppies recovered quickly! They had a photoshoot and two puppies were adopted!

April 2, 2021

A family of street dogs was surviving in the ruins on a side of a busy highway, no mama in sight. All Parvo positive and we have no place to take them. One of the saved pups, a blue-eyed boy, froze into the ground and could not even move, we were only able to find him because he cried. He was hiding under the debris sitting near his 3 frozen to death siblings. Puppies are in bad shape, dehydrated, bellies swollen from parasites. We urgently need to get them to a clinic to start a treatment as no boarding facility will accept Parvo positive pups… BLLAR has no funds. But maybe we can save one baby at a time? To do that – we need to find personal sponsors for the puppies. Sponsorship is a monthly commitment and is $150 per month for each puppy (until they are placed). It includes a stay in the clinic, a treatment, a safe foster home once treated, socialization, food, and treats. It is their only chance! Please PM if you are interested in sponsoring one of them.

April 1, 2021

Dumped at a fork of the highway, in a very dangerous location. There were eight small pups and two of them have already died! The rest stand no chance if not saved.Six white-red colored babies survived. We were able to catch two weakest pups. There are still four puppies left, and each day could be their last! Tomorrow we’ll try to catch all of them. PARVO has been confirmed with first 2, meaning the rest most likely have it as well. All puppies will die if we do not urgently take them out and start treatment. They also need boarding with quarantine, medical examination and the first vaccinations urgently, or we will not be able to keep them with us! Once healthy, they can be adopted!

Each puppy needs at least $150. Help us save the little ones, they have no one else to rely on! While they are eating, there is every chance to save them.

Please Help Us Safe Them

    Which puppy are you interested in sponsoring?*:


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    23 Mar


    We rescued this girl during the summer of 2020 when her owner died and she was thrown out of her home by relatives. The poor girl was crying by the door of her home until neighbors decided to “end her misery” by plotting on poisoning her or calling animal control to shoot her. She was only 4 years old when her life took a turn for the worst. We could not let this happen and she lives at the sanctuary ever since. Unfortunately, everything that happened to her during the time she was homeless made her fear strangers. Other than that she is a very sweet and kind girl. You can help Kelly to comfortably live at the sanctuary by becoming her Foster from Afar!


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    21 Mar

    DALICE & LUNA Fairy Tail

    Looking at this beautiful girl, you may not guess how much she and her mom DALICE went through. Originally from Russia LUNA (Iris) was so terrified by the transition, that she refused to leave the bathroom for 6 weeks. Pee, poop, eat, and drink – she used the same corner… No one could get her out – the advice was to surrender her or simply to put her down. Luna was very fortunate to be in Dalice’s hands. She didn’t give up on Luna and did everything possible to rehabilitate her. After a few failures with several dog trainers, we called MELISSA from @cleverk9, and Luna was taken to train and board at Melissa’s home. Soon, Luna became an absolutely new puppy! Melissa created a miracle! Luna is still very submissive. Very shy and nervous. But she is getting better every day! Walking on the leash, interested in toys, cuddling, and smiling. It was done by two amazing women – Dalice and Melissa. Two of Luna’s angels. Dalice decided to adopt her regardless and it looks like things are working out! 😊 So – we welcome Luna to our Happily Adopted club! 👍❤ Enjoy your new country and new life where no one will upset or hurt you ever again! And we will enjoy watching your photos and videos – just to make all of us so much happier!

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    21 Mar


    Update May 24, 2021

    Malysh has made it to the US, and is thriving with his adoptive family.

    “…I don’t see him as a crippled dog- I see him as a special boy that lights up a room when he walks in.” – Kathy, Malysh’s mom

    Update April 28, 2021

    Malysh is doing much better in the rehabilitation center surrounded by love and round the clock care! His wounds are slowly healing but the process can take months. So it is time to go home, to his wonderful foster mom in NY to continue recovery. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds for his flight that is estimated to be around $1300! Please help Malysh fly to the USA. Every little bit will bring him closer to his new beginning he so desperately needs and deserves.

    Update April 7, 2021

    Malysh visited another doctor today who explained that the surgery couldn’t be done any different due to the nature of the injury – the spine fractured at the lower part and its displacement moved the blooded and damaged nerve endings. As a result Malysh cannot control the urine flow. He confirmed urinal dermatitis and prescribed all the necessary medications to help clear it out. These areas also need to be cleaned regularly and closely watched to ensure that once everything starts healing the scarring does not block the opening where the urine flows from to avoid another surgery. Please help us with Malysh’s recovery.

    Update April 4, 2021

    Life in the box was very tough for Malysh. It was not a place for a sweet disabled pup to be at. He was accepted to a rehab center after he was cleared of any viruses that could harm the rest of the residents of the rehab. So yesterday Malysh had finally arrived to this wonderful center in Moscow. And today he already visited a doctor for his first consultation. An X-ray and bunch of other tests were done to evaluate his condition. As you can see he has a displaced fracture in the spine. Most likely it affected nerve endings because his sphincter doesn’t work.

    The good news is that the ultra sound showed that his bladder is not overfilled and its walls are not that thick to be considered too abnormal. They took urine samples with a catheter because it is continuously leaking out. His intestines are a slightly inflamed and add discomfort and fear for expressing procedure or any other manipulations. Doctors also ran bactericidal inoculation test, urinal test, and blood tests. During the visit doctor said that the surgery of the penis wasn’t done correctly – it needed to be put higher, then he wouldn’t have gotten urinal dermatitis. As a result large outgrowths had developed, so he might need surgery to remove them, and we feel it would be safer if it is done in the US. We have scheduled another visit for a second opinion this coming Wednesday.

    Right now Malysh is in great hands, same hands that took care of our Nosik and Petrusha. Malysh could not have done better and we are absolutely positive that everything that is needed will be done for Malysh!

    But as everything worthy, it is not cheap and he has a long road to recovery before him. Please donate to give Malysh a second chance for life without pain.

    March 21, 2021


    Malysh is about 2.5 years old. He lives in very poor conditions, in an area of Russia with no resources. He was found in a ditch, on a four-lane speedway, with a crushed spine. Barely alive. Not clear how long he was lying there, unable to move, but still clinging to life… Most likely, he was a dumped pet – in that area, many people pull over and throw pets out of their vehicles. Dogs try to run after their humans and get hit. He was clearly once someone’s pet: too sweet, gentle, and socialized. Malysh loves everyone. He is so gentle and so grateful for any scrap of attention. Sweet, quiet, unassuming boy. Just thankful to be alive. Although local volunteers did all they could, his bladder has not been expressed for almost 2 years (he needs it expressed twice a day or more). Due to chronic infections, his penis was amputated, but it did not resolve the infections or the discomfort because he is not getting the right care. Volunteers are kind and dedicated, but they do not have the skills or the resources to care for Malysh. We want to step in and help. If a miracle happens, and one of you decides to adopt him, we would bring him to you and teach you everything you need to know: Malysh could have a perfectly happy, healthy life. He just needs the right care.


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    18 Mar


    We rescued this senior pup during the summer of 2020. Melvin is a 10 year old GS and super mutt mix who spent most of his life chained to a tiny dog house and then ended up in a small cage of shelter where he was doomed to spend the rest of his life without ever living it. If it was not for volunteers no one would have ever known about Melvin. His life was never pleasant so when we learned about Melvin we knew he needs to see different side of humanity. And while he may never find his family in Russia and won’t be able to fly to the USA due to old age, we will make sure he lives comfortably at our sanctuary, has a lot of nature time and yummy meals. Melvin would appreciate some support from afar.

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    18 Mar


    Gerda was saved from Uzlovaya shelter on Summer 2020. She is a pup with difficult character and will reside at the sanctuary supervising other dogs, and making sure they behave. 

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    18 Mar


    Bengi is a 10 year old kind and sweet boy who ended up at “Otlov”, a temporary animal holding for homeless dogs. A new guy was so gentle he couldn’t stand up for himself and was torn by other dogs. He lost his ear and nearly his eye, and was traumatized. We found him in a corner of the aviary, bleeding, scared and hungry. He has been a resident of our sanctuary ever since.

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    16 Mar

    Sponsor Puppies are in the USA

    Eight little abandoned babies found in desperate conditions in rural Russia. They were doomed, and none would have been alive by now. Saving them was an effort by many, many people. Thank you to our amazing supporters, partners, sponsors, and friends! More than anything – thank you to our amazing adoptive families, we are so lucky to have you!!! Team Big Little Life is proud to present eight happily adopted souls: please check out the Before and After…

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    02 Mar

    Abused Senior Dog Needs Your Help

    March 3, 2020

    Mark is not with us anymore.. His heart stopped beating on the way to a neurosurgeon consult at 1:47pm local time. Mark crossed the rainbow bridge not knowing love and kindness and we didn’t have enough time to show him that it exists. His abused body gave up. People had failed you, little one. Forgive us… In the end, he was not alone and passed in the arms of a volunteer. 

    No more pain for you.. Run free! 

    His life story is torture and abuse. That is all Mark had seen since he was born 11 years ago.

    Mark’s owner didn’t give much thought about his being because this poor soul belonged to a very sick, sadistic person, an evil in a skirt. Not only was he kept on a short chain tied up to a radiator for 11 years (!), but also tolerated daily beatings and torture, initially “just because” and later because he started crying of pain and hunger. He often had days with no food, and sometimes no water. And pain. Lots of pain. The owner also shaved him frequently so he does not shed a lot 🙁

    When our partners rescued him, he was laying non-responsive in sandbox at the kid’s playground. His paws were tied up, a bag was placed over his head, and he was beaten unconscious. They finished by stuffing his mouth with dirt. Neighbors said it was done by a 8 year old child. They did stop the beating but that’s all. Indifference is just as scary as an act of violence itself. Yes, they stopped the beating but left the dog without help.

    Mark barely survived and is in a very rough shape. He sustained head trauma and is in a lot of pain. The spine also give him troubles. He has hard time using his hinge legs.

    It is not first time the owner throws out her dog. When it happened last time he miraculously survived the torturing by dog hunters. Mark never visited the doctor and now needs a thorough medical evaluation, starting with pain management, heart echo and an MRI. He needs to be admitted to a hospital and our partners do not have the funds for it. If you could help, even a little, that would make a huge difference to this poor old guy. After all he has been through, Mark deserves to have more time, free of pain and suffering…

    Please do not pass by his troubles. His remaining years must be different. We must show him that life without pain is possible. With your help, we can change it and turn this magnificent animal into an animal he meant to be by Mother Nature. 🙏

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