24 Apr

Animals and People Of Ukraine

This cruel and murderous war revealed a lot of heroes who did not escape and stayed behind to continue helping those who are in need. We are certain you would love to know whom we’ve been helping with your tremendous support. We will be updating this blog with information on everyone we help and their incredible work.

We’ll start with a volunteer – an amazing young man whose work we’ve been following and admiring.

Meet Aleksii. He is a miner, animal lover and a volunteer. He lives in Brovari, a small town just outside of Kiev.  Aleksii has been rescuing and helping animals for the past decade in his home town but when the war started his mission has expanded. He drives around Kiev region with as many bags and cans of food his small car can fit in order to help both animals and those people who opened their hearts and homes for distressed animals despite their own struggles.  Aleksii believes in humane way to reduce stray dogs population by sterilization program which he continues to implement even now.

We have been following Aleksii for a while, way before the war, and have always been impressed with how many lives he was able to save single- handed. Now, during the war, Aleksii has completely dedicated himself to saving animal lives. So many abandoned, injured, lost, and displaced during the Russian invasion! 

Aleksii is all by himself, he has no logistical/on-the-ground support and financial support, except BLLAR.

We are very grateful for all the donations and wishlist items! Your kindness and support is so incredibly helpful to the people and pets of Ukraine that are in great need. We are packing and shipping all your donations of much needed supplements, wound care, treats, blankets and much more to a shelter outside of Kiev. 

Thankfully, volunteers are also able to buy food local and with your support we are able to provide funds.  Unfortunately prices skyrocketed 3 times.  

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01 Jan


We don’t know what happened to Jonny. He was dropped off at the kill shelter in South Korea – dirty, tired, and with a broken leg – the elbow and carpus joints are both deranged.Korean volunteers rescued Jonny and took care of him. Love and care once again have done miracles and he turned into an adorable pup who will melt your heart.
His leg is in bad shape, and does cause him discomfort and pain. Our consulting veterinarian Dr. Amy Shroff strongly feels the broken leg is creating a lot of discomfort and suggests Jonny sees an orthopedic surgeon for a consult. You’ve already seen what miracles this doctor has done to help #beema_biglittlelife walk again, and we hope there is a possibility to repair Jonny’s leg as well.

Jonny is only 5 years old. It is very possible he lived with this injury for years but now he has a chance to a happy pain-free life. With your help he can finally have it!Please consider donating to help us fund his consultation and surgery.

UPDATE: Jonny at the foster in the USA

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18 Dec


This story is about a sweet but betrayed dog named Leon who came all the way from Russia in hopes of finding what he so sadly lost.
Before coming to a small rural shelter in Russia, Leon was owned by a man who eventually served in the Russian army.
Being an active Australian Sheperd/Border Collie Golden cross, he was given up by this man’s family, who no longer had time for him. Leon walked in the woods with his owner daily and now was in a shelter, with lots of other dogs who he loved.
Big Little Life Animal Rescue wanted to try to find someone like his previous owner here in the US. So, he came to the US in June and was a happy boy getting field training and playing with his other 2 shelter buddies, Mani and Raphael, also from Russia.
Things changed when his trainer suddenly left. Once she could not do this training, he became fearful, developed cage aggression and has been languishing at this shelter ever since. His friends, Mani and Raphael are also gone, he has no one now.
Our deadline is December 30th to find him a good foster home, where he can have downtime, and peace while also getting the daily exercise and one on one training he needs to thrive.
Leon is a sweet dog but like most herding breeds, he does not like loud frenetic environments. He needs that relationship with a single person or couple who can give him daily walks and a quiet warm loving home. He is great with other dogs, and he prefers a home with no children.
Leon has been through so much, and he deserves this chance to thrive. His heart is broken, and he is scared and nervous all the time where he is.
So, I am asking you my friends, to help me save this boy.
If you have it in your heart to take him in, he will reward you with love and a fierce bond. He is active and needs a place to decompress. He has let people know he is not happy. This is why he needs a special foster person. Someone who will take the time to understand him.
We will also be working with a trainer, but we are desperate to get him into a safe home first.
Thank you, if it’s you, please message me. Or share this to all you know. Remember, the clock is ticking for this little man.
We do not want to fail this sweet soul.
Bless you!

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19 Nov


UPDATE January 29, 2022

Tiger came back from the dead and is longing for love and attention he never had.Still at the clinic recovering from multiple surgeries. Bones in front paw were crushed badly and healing very slow but he is starting to use the paw.He will need a wheelchair and lots of help.

2 months later

UPDATE December 8, 2021

Sweet Tiger says hi! This is his third surgery and doctors are trying to save his front paw. The wound is healing but the wrist bones not so much yet and the ligaments are torn. Doctor removed non-viable tissue and fixated everything with a plate. 

Right now he is only able to lay down.  With so many fixed fractures, Tiger has a long journey to recovery. We hope he can regain mobility! It is unclear when he can be safely discharged from the clinic but he is safe and has round the clock care.

Unfortunately, the bills keep growing and we still have more than half of the vet bills to fundraise for but we are very greatful to evryone who did not pass by and stopped to donate to support Tiger. Without your kindness we’d be absolutely helpless.

If possible, please continue helping Tiger through these difficult times!

UPDATE December 1, 2021

Tiger had his second surgery (leg reconsruction) and remains hospitalized. The next step is to try and save his front paw. If you remember, he was found four weeks ago on a side of the road where he laid for 5 days without any help and his paw began to rot. We rushed him to the hospital and commited to saving his life. Doctors are trying to do everything they can for Tiger but we do need your help to cover his surgeries.

We ask you to continue to support Tiger’s care by donating. We cant do this without you!

UPDATE November 27, 2021

Tiger’s post surgery labs showed that he has low count of Hemoglobin. Due to this his second surgery was postmoned and he received a blood tansfusion.

UPDATE November 22,2021

Tiger after the surgery

The surgery was done today. Tiger remains at the clinic under the doctr’s supervision. A surgery on the leg is sceduled in a few days.

November 20, 2021

He was seen walking lonely and alone along the road with his head down. He was returning home after being dumped in the woods betrayed more than once as we later learned from the neighbors. Even though the home was far from being a haven it was the only place he knew. He grew up there on a chain but it was even scarier outside, so he was coming back to a home where he was never given attention, love, compassion, food, or the safety of shelter.

His name is Tiger.

He didn’t see the car speeding in his direction. He felt an impact that sent him flying to the air. Agonized pain rushed through his body and he was thrown in the middle of the road. An eyewitness took him to the side of the road, where he, overcoming wild pain, was laying for several days.

When our volunteer found him he was covered in bugs and the wounds began to rot. Frozen, worn out by pain, he just wanted to die. Our volunteer rushed him to the hospital and in less than half an hour he opened his eyes to be blinded by bright lights of a clinic.. Imaging showed the fracture of the spine, two legs, and a head injury. Perhaps he will remain disabled, but we must give him a chance. His life matters and we know you think that too!

Tiger is in the clinic now. Two surgeries and a long rehabilitation is in front of him. But we will fight for his precious life and we hope you can help us do just that. 

Please donate towards his care today!

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07 Nov

Hope and 9 Big Little Lives

Here we go again. A new set of puppies and fated exhausted mother. 

Nine of 4-week olds lived under the garage and their mom did everything she could to find food so she can feed her kids.

We grabbed them of course and just in time. They were already getting frozen into the ground. 

Tests showed all 9 are parvovirus positive. We put them in isolation in a secure warm place with round the clock supervision and took mama for the spaying procedure – so this is her last litter.

We now providing puppies with preventative care, supportive therapy and appropriate nutrition to make sure the deadly virus is combated early on.  

If you’d like to help or sponsor one of the puppies or send one time help, please consider making a donation towards their care.

They need us!

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25 Oct


November 3, 2021

Rex visited another ohtalmologist today for a second opinion.

The eye became worse in spite of a constant treatment for the prior two weeks. Sadly, the doctor confirmed the surgery is necassary as he also suspects tumor.

The surgery is scheduled for next Wendsday, November 10th.

Please help us cover the surgery by donating below.

October 24, 2021

Its not clear what happened to poor Rex prior to being dumped at a rural shelter. What is clear, however, is that this dog had never had it easy – neither at home nor at the shelter.

By the time we were contacted, Rex was living in horrible conditions for at least 3 years. He lives in a small, dirty outdoor kennel, and no one noticed his medical condition. Poor boy’s eyes are extremely inflamed and infected. He is very uncomfortable, but has given up asking for help. He is acting resigned.

We immediately took him to an ophthalmologist. Unfortunately, one eye is already lost, and they suspect a tumor. They ran some tests, but will need to follow up with another specialist. If the tumor is confirmed, Rex will need surgery to remove the eye but we hope we can safe the other one.

Rex cannot be returned to that shelter – besides terrible living conditions, there is no one to follow the doctor’s orders to apply eye drops 6 times a day. It is imperative that we take him to a medical boarding (which is about $215 per month) where he can finally rest, eat, get much needed treatment, and finally feel loved.

Shelters like this are very hard on healthy dogs but for dogs like Rex it is a death sentence. Nutrition is not existent. They are fed kibble, mixed with dirt and pieces of old salami.

If you want to help Rex, please donate!

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16 Oct


Prevention of cruelty is one of our goals.When we heard of a 3 month old puppy in danger of being killed we immediatley picked her up.Meet Leah. Shephard-Doberman mix. She was purchased as a summer toy for a child, but once school started she became a distraction and they decided to kill her. The “toy” spent her days on a chain for the first 2 months of her life. It is a blessing they decided to get rid of her now – she won’t have to age on that chain, get sick and dumped years later. Leah is a sweet and a playful baby that made our voulunteers fall in love with her instantly. Welcome to the family Leah! You don’t know it yet, but you are in good hands.

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28 Sep


He ended up at our shelter when his owner was deported back to Belarus. He thought it was temporary but the owner never returned. Vanya is an Alabai and at risk of being put on a chain outside if adopted locally. He is now a permanent resident. Vanya was previously hit by a car and is in need of joint supportive injectionsfor the rest of his life.

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15 Sep


September 24, 2021

We were able to visit the clinic earlier to do the Xrays. There are 2 more pneumatic bullets in Jessie’s body. Looks like our girl was a practice target for 2-legged monsters! Unfortunately we were unable to do xray of her belly – it would take 2 people to hold the dog and one of the volunteers that brought Jess today is 7 month pregnant, so we have to come back for more images and discuss the course of action with a doctor.  

September 22, 2021

Jessie is sending much love to her wonderful supporters! Besides being safe and fed, there is slight improvment in her ears! Unfortunately, the hearing in left ear is lost forever. For too long Jessie was living with an infection and damage is irreversible.  It will take months for infection to resolve and we hope that will be the case and surgery will not be necessary.  At the moment Jessie lives at a medical boarding. We can’t say the quality of her life is great due to severe infection but she is in comfortable enviroment and is allowed outside to socialize with other residents. 

On Tuesday, Jess is scheduled for an xray to see if there are more bullets anywhere in her body. 

September 18, 2021

Jessie’s preliminary diagnosis is a chronicle verucous otitis. Tissue hyperplasia and profused ceruminous secretions is observed. The pneumatic bullet found near her ear had to be removed right away and Jessie undervent a mini surgery under a local anesthetic. Now Jessie needs an Xray as doctor suspects it is not the only bullet. More thorrow check up revealed old scars from head injuries. In a meantime Jessie was discharged into medical boarding where she will be given her drops and medications to combat an ear infection. We still need your help! Please do not leave Jess just yet!

Poor Jessie did not ask to be thrown on the streets of Chechnya (former USSR republic), or to have the life she now has. After being dumped while pregnant Jessie, a house pet, had to learn how to survive brutal winters, burning summer heat and how to avoid humans she never saw kindness from. She was always hungry, never safe, fighting for scraps, having multiple litters of puppies, and losing them all to poison or bullets (common methods of dog population control). 

After her last 3 babies were shot to death, she refused to leave them, and was stabbed. A kind woman who sometimes fed her, found Jessie bleeding, and unable to walk. She brought her to the clinic, where they cleaned the wound but were unable to do anything else for her. Her ear infection was left untreated for God knows how many months bringing her great discomfort and pain. She was getting weaker and weaker every day, constantly shaking her head and scratching ears, so when our volunteer saw a post, she immediately arranged a transport to Moscow. We have learned that Jessie was spotted first time back in 2019, was placed on boarding several times but every time was thrown back on the streets with no fault of her own.

Jessy has multiple infections, her ears are completely blocked with it and oosing black substance. She needs urgent treatment to save her ears and hearing, vaccination and spay. When we brought her to a vet, pneumatic bullets were found in her ears! She also had many old knife wounds.. She is at the clinic undergoing tests before a surgery. 

It is impossible to imagine how horrifying her life on the streets was and how humans have treated her.. Jessy is still young and does not deserve to live in pain or ever be on the street again by herself… 

Please help us get the necessary funding to cover the surgery. If you can help Jessy in any way she has all the chances to finally live pain free. Any and all donations are very much appreciated!

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11 Aug


He is doing very well in New Hampshire, gradually getting into shape to be able to enjoy outside adventures longer. He likes walking and meeting friendly human neighbors who are just happy to see him. His journey to this haven was painful and long but now all that is behind and only happy time with his loving family is ahead.We are very greatful to his wonderful adopter Michele for providing Gladiator with everything he deserves and more!

Gladiator was hit by a car in Sothern Russia. As a result he lost his eye and a leg.

➡️ His full story van be found here:

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