17 Dec


His story is as old as the world itself. He was surrendered to the temporary animal holding by relatives soon after his owner went to serve in the army. He is lost, devastated, and does not yet believe that he was given up. He still hopes it is a mistake. Well, it is not. He is no longer needed. But not to us!

We called him Leon. And he is moving out of this place!

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16 Dec

Louis XIV

It has been almost a month since our boy Louis left the bars of animal holding behind! We are happy to report that he is doing great! He enjoys being out, being loved, and cared for! For the first time in his life, he finally belongs!

He was spotted in the animal holding and was about to be put back on the streets. This little boy would not survive brutal Russian winter.

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17 Aug


Baxter was found tied up to a pole with his muzzle still on! He sat there for days unable to do anything awaiting his fate. Stressed and scared. Whoever did that has a very cruel heart – to live a dog to certain death. Thank heaven he was spotted by a local who called a volunteer he knew. A few months later Baxter flew to the USA and was learning English with a man who loves him to the moon and back. Baxter also takes training classes and enjoys playing with his dog friends!

Baxter’s dad thinks everything is unusual about this little guy, but most of all his DNA test that he has done for fun. Who could say Baxter is a 12.5% German Shepherd dog!?

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