Fostering saves lives

Finding a reliable foster is another step toward a happy life all these dogs deserve.  You have the ability to change a life! Consider fostering TODAY!

We are looking for short-term fosters for our Russian rescues.

All dogs that we bring from Russia and possibly other bordering countries are healthy physically and mentally, vaccinated and neutered/spayed, and ready to be adopted.
You are a HERO, because:
  • You are saving lives by freeing up a spot so the shelter or rescue can take in another dog
  • Pets learn they are loved
  • You are giving your foster dog the time he needs to be ready for adoption and it is usually fun for your other pets, too
  • You are helping the shelter or rescue learn more about the dog so he can end up in the best home possible

    And if you really fall in love…

    Please read our FOSTER CONTRACT

    Applicant Information

    Name of the pet(s) you are interested in fostering:

    Foster Information

    Are all members of your family agreeable to fostering a dog?*:
    Who will be the primary caregiver?*:
    Do you have a preference in the sex of foster?*:
    Age Desired*:

    Have you had any experience with an emotionally or physically neglected or abused dog?*:
    If yes, please explain*:

    How many hours a day would your foster be left alone?*:

    Household Information

    Do you live in a*:
    How long have you lived at this address?*:

    Do you own or rent?*:
    Are pets permitted in your building?*:
    Are there any restrictions from your landlord or subdivision?*:

    Do you have a terrace?*:
    Is it enclosed?*:
    Does it have a screen door?*:
    Do you have a backyard?*:
    Is it fenced in?*:

    Do you live with*:
    Other (specify):
    Is anyone in your household allergic to pets or has asthma?*:

    Pet History

    Have you had pets before?*:
    Other (specify):
    Where are they now?*:
    Have you ever given a pet up for adoption?*:
    If so, why?*:
    Are there other pets in your home now?*:
    Other (specify):
    Are your current pets spayed/neutered?*:
    If not, why?*:

    Are your pets up to date on vaccinations?*:
    Are your current cats FIV or FELV positive?*:
    Are your current cats declawed?*:

    Does your job require extensive travel?*:

    Foster Pet Information

    We cannot guarantee a dog to be housebroken, are you equipped to train with love and patience?*:
    Have you ever house-broken a dog or puppy before?*:
    If the dog has an "accident" in your home what type of correction do you plan to use?*:
    Where will your foster pet sleep at night?*:
    How many hours each day will your new pet be home alone?*:
    How will you supervise your dog's outdoor activity?*:
    Where will your dog stay when nobody is home?*:
    Are you willing to work through your foster pet's issues, if any?*:

    Are you aware that dry food may contain harmful ingredients and can contribute to an illness or allergies?*:
    What kind of food are you planning to feed your dog?*:

    Personal Reference

    Please list somebody who knows you and your history with animals.
    Years Known:

    Veterinary Reference

    Clinic Name*:
    Street*: Suite:
    City*: State:
    Name(s) the records are under*:


    Date*: (YYYY-MM-DD):