Save Animals in Liberated and Frontline Territories

Your Donation

How to begin to describe what is happening in Ukraine TODAY!?  It is impossible to put it into words because none of us have ever lived through anything like this. Perhaps you can only  vaguely sense it in you heart when you see the eyes of those on the ground: their terror, their despair, their pain. And once you do, you cannot get it out of your mind. You will know that this is unacceptable, and that you want to do something-anything-to help.  

Ukraine is in turmoil. Critical and vital infrustractures are destroyed just when the brutal winter has started to set in. INJURED, SICK, ABANDONED, CRITICALLY ILL animals are filling the streets. They are suffering, starving and freezing to death. Volunteers who stayed behind to care for the animals are preparing meals in bonfires and use homemade IVs and expired human meds to treat their critical cases. They are exhausted, heartbroken, and helpless.


We Can't Do It WIthout YOU

Since the beginning of  the War, we have been overwhelmed with daily requests for critical help for the animals of Ukraine and Russia. We have been able to support shelters and volunteers in occupied territories, allowing them to feed, treat, steralize stranded and abandoned animals.

Help Pets In Need

BLLAR is partnering with volunteers in Czechia and Ukraine to organize and deliver humanitarian help to animals in previously occupied and frontlines areas of Ukraine (Kherson, Kharkiv, Brovary, Mykolaiv). We need your assistance to help animals in this war-torn region.

We provide funds for the following:

  • Food for Rescuers Feeding Hundreds of Starving Animals Daily
  • Food and Warm clothing for shelter animals
  • Winterized wooden kennels for stray dogs and cats
  • Heat Generators for animal shelters
  • Emergency Vet Care
  • Spaying and Neutering
  • Transportation (Fuel) costs

By supporting our life-saving work

  • You will help us get starving dogs who are trying to eat rocks off of the streets and into boarding.
  • You will aid in getting cats who were found buried under the rubble of their home to the vet for treatment.
  • You will help frightened and recently orphaned animals wandering the streets injured by bombs and debris.
  • You will be helping that Rescuer who has gone without eating or sold personal possessions solely to help the animals in their care.

You will be saving thousands of LIVES. 

PLEASE consider donating to this cause. Your help will mean so much for so many.  We will be sharing the stories of animals being assisted by your generosity.