Animals in Need

35+ Lives needs your help!

Our sanctuary animals are in dire need of food! The current winter is absolutely brutal with temperatures -50C (-58F) and heavy snowstorms. Animals needs to be fed 3 times a day to stay warm. Even though the houses they live in are insulated it is not enough to keep animals happy. As you may have seen, we have been trying very hard to transport our adoptable animals to their families but lately, with the pandemic restrictions and airline price increases, we had to pay for many dogs’ flights out of pocket. We have also had to fund several unanticipated medical emergencies, in addition to regular veterinary care, spaying/ neutering/vaccination of our 35 dogs plus new admitions from deplorable conditions. We have several hospice cases, as well as handicapped and injured dogs in need of medical treatment. We are hoping for your help to place an urgent order of food and medical supplies to survive the rest of the winter.
We kindly ask for a small donation to help animals survive. If everyone could donate a few dollars it would help us save lives.
Thank you so much for your kindness and support!
You give $5, they get $5!

Life Line Sanctuary