Pets in Occupied Kherson Need Your Help to Survive

Your Donation

The media can raise awareness on some pretty incredible things – but like a child that gets bored of a new toy, media can throw aside narratives after their time is up and leave people thinking that the story has resolved.

We see this so often but even more so with the war in Ukraine. In the initial stages of the war, it seemed that everybody was crawling to help the people and animals there who were displaced and destroyed by the Russian occupation.

However, as the weeks went on, the urgency behind helping dimmed. We’re here to tell you that things are no better in Ukraine today than they were in those first few days. Cities are still occupied, families are still displaced, war and bombings still occur by the week, and animals – oh, so many animals – are getting hurt. 

In the occupied city of Kherson, the need for help is most desperate. More and more animals are being abandoned by the remaining folk and on the streets, they are getting injured. No humanitarian aid, no mail or supplies can reach the shelters in the area right now because the city is still an active warzone.

Our friends at Kherson’s city animal shelter have stayed behind, like so many other animal welfare workers, and they continued to go out everyday and bring in animals they find..but they are losing the battle. There are more and more critical cases each day, and the number only keeps growing. There are times when these shelter workers and lone volunteers even risk their lives to go through mine fields to rescue and aid animals.

The local shelter is, by no means, large or well equipped and is filled to capacity with mostly injured and critically ill animals. They are even housing several injured exotic animals from a ruined local zoo, and a few farm animals injured by shelling. There is no money for food, so animals have been eating plain soaked grain (kasha) for at least two months now. No pet food. No medicine. Every day, more and more calls come in – desperate calls for help. Shelters are over capacity and the volunteers are scared, exhausted, heartbroken, and helpless.

They use homemade IVs and expired human meds to treat their critical ones. While they could still get access to food and medicine, the occupiers have stolen everything, and the prices have skyrocketed as a result.

They don’t have the time to spread awareness on what’s happening so they have asked us to help them in doing so, in the hopes that you kind folk will consider donating something – anything – towards their mission. We have set up a way to get them funds and are raising donations on their behalf to give them any and all aid possible. We ask that you donate if you’re able. If you’re not, please share their story and this fundraiser so that we can spread the word about what these animals and these people are still going through to this day.

Thank you so much.