Alex Details
Animal ID:
Status: Coming soon for Adoption
Species: Adopted Pets
Breed: Russian hound mix
Age: 7 Mo
Gender: Male
Size: Will grow large
Color: White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: No
Intake Date: N/A
Adoption Price: $750.00
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About Alex

ALEX is looking for home!

Hi, I am Alex and I am rescue dog. I was born in a ditch where my pregnant mom was thrown into after a hunting injury. I don’t remember much of that time, but I heard stories that I wasn’t born in a loving atmosphere.

It was cold and I was wet because  the ditch was quickly filling up with water. My mom was hungry and weak because she spent days in that hole trying to get out and then she had us and she knew she had  to save me and my 7 siblings, so she was screaming for hours until a kind woman heard her. I don’t remember when someone’s hands pulled me out of water, just before I almost drowned.

What a wonderful world I saw when I opened my eyes! It was summer, I felt a breeze on my face and I felt grass under my paws. My mom and my brothers and sisters were all alive! What a big family I have! We lived in an abandoned house, it was not ideal but I was dry and that kind woman would come every day to feed us! I didn’t know we were still in danger because people are not nice to strays – why am I a stray if I have family? –  but I felt something bothered our angel who’d visit us every day. She’d count us as soon as she walked in worrying is one of us was playing hide and seek. I didn’t know then she was looking for someone to take us out the abandoned house. She knew if we stay there and grow, and wander around, we’d be in danger.

One day she came again and told us that a rescue in America had learned about us and  we are moving to a new house and my mom could finally be seen by a doctor – her leg injury was getting worse! So we moved to a nice temporary home. Can the life be any better? But people called it boarding and I finally learned this life won’t be forever. But my American friends were waiting for us to grow up just a little to be able to travel. So…

Hi, I am Alex and I am looking for a family on my own. I am a happy pup, just about 7 months old. I love all humans and all kinds of animals. Well, maybe a bit too curious about those fluffy ones called cats. My mom is a Russian Hound but I’ve never seen my dad. I think I will be on a larger side. I like to run and play and learn. I will bring joy to a family who is kind, outdoorsy and is willing to teach me things, because I can’t read myself due to my stray past and young age. But that is why you, smart human, should be my guide. You can teach me to listen and I will enjoy your monologs!  I will learn to be an intelligent house pet and will not disappoint you! I am healthy, happy, and thrilled to meet you!

Let my American friends know you want me to join your family. Give them a call or text or email if you want to speak with me and they will let me know!



If you would like to give Alex a forever home – please fill out an application.
We give 2 weeks trial before the adoption is finalized
Foster to adopt option is also available.
Adoption fees apply.
Alex is one of the 8 puppies of mama Lada, who was rescued by our team last summer in Russia. One puppy was adopted by a local Russian family. One puppy went to Belgium. And one girl arrived to the US yesterday. Five boys are still looking for homes!
The tragic story of a starving mama with a broken leg and mastitis who was dumped in the ditch where she gave  birth to 8 pups. Unable to get out of the ditch, Lada was calling for help to safe her puppies from death…
They all survived. 






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