Beema Details
Animal ID:
Status: Rescue
Species: Adopted 2021
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 8 mo
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Intake Date:
Location: Stavropol
Adoption Price:
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About Beema

Puppy Beema arrived at the shelter in September 2020 when she was about 3 months old. Shelter is not a place for Beema and we need to relocate her as soon as possible. Most likely she will need a corrective surgery. If you’d like to help Beema, please donate to her fund.

Beema is shy in the beginning but gets adjusted quickly.

Rescue notes on Beema:

Southern Russia. A small puppy was was thrown out of the care right under wheels of another. She arrived at the shelter with two fractures of the hip and lower leg. After surgery, for about 2 months she walked with osteosynthesis but mostly sitting in a small room. The bones healed very badly. Then she fell ill with the virus, the doctors barely pulled her out, then she caught up with lichen. Her immune system was very weak and she attracted diseases easily. As a result, she stayed indoors for 4 more months. Now she is about 8 months old, she does not step on her paw and cannot stretch her leg. When it was vital to do physical therapy on her paws after the operation, she was sitting in the isolation ward and did not walk much. Now she walks squatting on her hind legs, not lifting her pelvis normally. She constantly hurts her legs due to being unable to properly walk

Beema is of medium height, unlikely to grow very much. There is a September X-ray when she underwent osteosynthesis.