Betsy Details
Animal ID:
Status: Adoptable
Species: Adopted 2023
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 10 m.o
Gender: Female
Size: 48 lb
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Adoption Price: 650
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About Betsy

Adopt Betsy, a well-rounded dog!

Betsy was rescued alongside her brothers and sisters from deplorable conditions in a dirty, water-flooded basement filled with broken glass, where she nearly lost her life. Her mother was nowhere to be found, leading us to conclude that the puppies had been abandoned to their fate. While almost the entire family has found loving homes, Betsy and her sister are still patiently awaiting their forever families.

Now at 10 months old, Betsy is a smart and beautiful dog. She’s in good health, vaccinated, and sterilized, weighing around 48 lb and of medium size. She’s a remarkably gentle and obedient girl who comprehends everything with just a glance. Betsy is friendly with everyone, including dogs and cats, and gets along wonderfully with children. She walks perfectly on a leash.

We are dreaming to find domestic happiness for her, as she looks forward to and believes in miracles! Betsy is in search of a family that will love her with all their hearts. She’s ready to be the most loyal friend you’ve ever had, requiring only a bit of love, tranquil strolls, a plate of delicious food, and cozy evenings at home.