Bloomy Details
Animal ID:
Status: Adoption Pending
Species: Adopted 2023
Breed: Black mouth Cur and Anatolian Shepherd
Age: 4 y.o
Gender: Female
Size: 55 lb
Color: Brown and White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Adoption Price: 650
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About Bloomy

Bloomy is a very handsome, dignified and deserving dog. She was born in Korea. Unfortunately for her, she turned out to be a big girl. Very shortly after she reached 4 months of age, she was send to one of the local meat farms, where most larger dogs meet their gruesome fate. 

Bloomy was under 7 months, official killing age, so she was thrown in a small filthy cage, cramped, barely able to turn around. That is where he lived along with other doomed souls. Every day, she saw his friends dragged out of the cage to never come back. She herd terrifying cries for help from a distance, she smelled death, and sensed something horrendous. Five dogs per day were slaughtered at the meat farm. 

You have to be very strong to be able to watch a video of the meat farm where Bloomy resided.  I could not take it: after just 30 seconds, I started sobbing. Since then, the images are haunting me, and I am having nightmares and  flashbacks of what I saw in that horrible video. To imagine this was Bloomy’s life is heartbreaking.

Thankfully, the government got involved and closed this horrible place. The dogs who were able to walk out of there were taken to the municipal shelter (very poor and neglected). Bloomy was among them. 

Look at this beautiful face. 

She can understand pain, suffering, and fear! She just wants to be loved, like all of us. Dogs are able to love and devote their lives to those who love them.  Dogs are companions, they are not food!

Bloomy was too young to dwell on her horrendous past. She was quickly rehabilitated, and turned out to be very loving and sweet with humans of all ages. She is very friendly and kind to his fellow furry friends as well. 

Bloomy weighs 55 lbs. It is too big by Korean standards and she was never adopted in Korea. When we saw this beautiful dog, we fell in love with her sad brown eyes, and decided to bring Bloomy to the US and find him a loving and caring home. She is 4 years old, healthy, neutered and fully vaccinated. 

Bloomy is a very interesting-looking dog and looks like Black mouth Cur and Anatolian Shepherd dog. Both breads are very family-oriented, loyal and kind. These dogs need lots of exercise, so a fenced-in yard would be a plus. 

If you interested in adopting Bloomy, please apply. Previous dog experience is a plus. Bloomy could be the only dog, but would love to have a friend and be a second dog in a family.