Boksoon Details
Animal ID:
Status: Adoptable
Species: Adopted 2023
Breed: Jindo Mix
Age: 1 y.o
Gender: Female
Size: 40 lb
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Adoption Price: 650
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About Boksoon
This lovely girl is just 1 year old and weighs around 40 lbs, making her the perfect mid-sized Jindo mix. Her name, Boksoon, means “Snow White” in Korean, and it suits her perfectly. Boksoon adores people of all ages, and she’s especially fantastic with kids. She’s a social butterfly in the company of other dogs, always eager to play and provide endless joy for the whole family.
Boksoon’s story began in South Korea, where she was born. She was discovered and rescued by compassionate volunteers at a construction site, where she spent her days tethered on a short chain, enduring pouring rain, heavy snow, scorching sun, and merciless winds. No one can quite recall why or who subjected this beautiful girl to such hardship. Frankly, no one paid it much mind until one fateful day when a teenage girl spotted Boksoon, heartbroken by the cruelty she witnessed. The girl shared her discovery with her older sister, who happened to volunteer at an animal shelter. The very next day the precious snow white dog, who they affectionately named Boksoon, was rescued.
Thankfully, Boksoon quickly put her unhappy beginnings behind her. She adores everyone she meets! She is overjoyed to be around humans of all ages and her fellow canines. Her heart is pure, always adorned with a bright smile, and she readily shares her affection with everyone through sweet kisses.
Boksoon is both leash and house trained, although she may need a gentle reminder, especially in a new environment. She would thrive in a family with children and possibly another dog for company. Boksoon is brimming with energy and would love to embark on adventures and stay active. She’s in excellent health, fully vaccinated, and has been spayed.
If you’re interested in giving Boksoon the loving, warm home she deserves, please don’t hesitate to fill out and send in your application soon. Boksoon is looking for responsible parents who can provide her with the care and love she truly deserves. 💕🏡🐶