Bonny Details
Animal ID:
Status: Adopted
Species: Adopted 2021
Breed: Caucasian Shepherd
Age: 6 years
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Color: Brown
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Location: Moscow, Russia
Adoption Price: $600.00
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About Bonny
What are 6 years for a dog? It’s the best age for one to have a home and family. And there is no future for those who live in a cold shelter…
Bonny is 6 years old Caucasian Shepherd mix.
This family-oriented girl was surrendered to the shelter after her own family got a “new puppy”.
She doesn’t understand what was her fault as there was none. She loved every one. She dedicated her life to her family. She was a good girl – never chewed on things, never had an accident at home, was not picky in food. Her life stopped at the moment her dad brought her to shelter with the words “We don’t want her anymore”.
Bonny is spayed, fully vaccinated, housebroken, smart, people-oriented, good with kids and other dogs. Perfect on the leash, still young and energetic girl and has a bright future in a new family.
Weight: 79lb, 55″ at the withers
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