Carolina Details
Animal ID:
Breed: Eastern European Village Dog
Age: 2 y.o
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
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About Carolina

Carolina is looking for a miracle.

Carolina is a special needs girl, looking for her human. She was found on a side of the road, paralysed, by an elderly woman, who took pity and brought Carolina to her barn. Carolina most likely had been struck by a car, but the woman did not have money for the vet, so she just “let things be.” Later, it was discovered that Carolina’s spine was fractured – but it was too late to attempt surgery.

Carolina is an amazing dog and a very special soul. We are hoping that she may get noticed and someone will fall in love with her.
Carolina is paralysed, but can run when she uses her wheelchair. She is very sweet, loving, and gentle, and will be the most loyal, loving companion. She is able to jump up to sit in your lap and loves to cuddle. Her favourite thing is the world is to run along wooded trails in her wheelie. She is wonderful with all people and all other dogs, and everyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her. She uses her wheels for walks only (she loves to run)- at home she gets around quite well on her own. Carolina is like sunshine – her light, her loving energy, and her charisma are unbelievable. She does not know she has special needs – it does not bother her. She is always happy, grateful, active, and full of love. The volunteers jokingly call her their “antidepressant.”

Carolina is about 2 years old. She does not fully control her bladder and stool, and needs help with hygiene. She is otherwise healthy, spayed, and up to date on vaccinations.

Carolina is so hopeful that someone will notice her and will not be scared by her special needs. She truly is a special soul, who will be your grateful and loving friend to the end.