Cherri Details
Animal ID:
Status: Looking for a home
Species: Adopted 2024
Breed: European Village Dog
Age: 3 y.o
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Color: Black
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Location: Estonia
Adoption Price: 500
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About Cherri

If your dream dog is a happy one who also enjoys hiking trails in the woods, then Cherri is for you! You’ll appreciate the outdoors and everyday life in general so much more with Cherri by your side.

Cherri was an orphan when she ended up at a run-down shelter. She was missing everything a little child needs in the first year of life: maternal love and the warmth of her mother’s milk, toys, food, and clean water. She was scared and alone in the whole wide world, wondering about it from behind metal bars—a tiny prisoner who was never guilty of any crime.

We can hardly recognize Cherri today. She turned out to be a sweet soul through and through. She’s a gentle dog who adores people of all ages, including kids. She loves her furry friends and is indifferent to cats. Her heart is full of love, and she’s eager to share it with her new family. Cherri is leash-trained and walks like a pro. When she’s out for a walk, you might catch her showing off some happy dance moves. When she asks for treats, she stands like a stallion with her paws up and a tail wagging at propeller speed. She’s all about embracing life in whatever she does.

Cherri’s journey to where she is today took almost 2 years. After she was rescued, she lived in several foster homes, each time thinking that she was there to stay. Give her a bit of patience, love, and stability, and she will devote her life to you. She will become your loyal companion for life. You’ll be telling everybody that adopting Cherri was the best decision of your life.

Not many people are open to dog adoption these days, but Cherri is worth every bit of effort. She is a gem waiting to shine in your loving home.

Cherri’s weight is 43 lbs; she is spayed and fully vaccinated, HW-. Her health record is immaculate.