Clyde Details
Animal ID:
Status: Flying to JFK on July 3d
Species: Adopted 2021
Age: 2 y.o
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Location: Russia
Adoption Price:
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About Clyde
Meet Clyde, a 2-year-old pup who is super friendly and good with both humans and other dogs.
Clyde is 60 pounds of beauty that looks powerful but in reality he is a gentle kid who loves life and outdoors, so he will be a great companion for hikers or anyone who is outdoorsy.
Clyde is a very kind dog who loves to cuddle and quickly makes friends with other dogs. If dogs try to pick on him, he does not fight back.
Clyde knows leash but needs a bit of guidance as he can pull in excitement. He is hungry for life. For the past year Clyde lived in our sanctuary where he was loved, and cared for, so he is absolutely healthy, fully vaccinated, and neutered.
He is smart, obedient and happy.

Clyde once belonged to someone and his story is sadly a typical one in Russia. People often dump their pets as soon as they grow out of the cute puppy stage and sadly, this seems to be the case with Clyde. We saved this boy right before animal control arrived to shoot him.

Now Clyde is looking for a family on all future times, for always.
For family that will not give up this dog that was betrayed once before.

Clyde story:

One day, a local resident waiting for a bus witnessed an SUV pull over and push Clyde out of the vehicle and then took off. The poor pup ran after the car for a while, barking, and then, realizing he couldn’t keep up, he waited near the bus stop.
The man told the local rescue that he saw Clyde there, right at the spot where he was dumped, patiently waiting for his owners for weeks. He lived across the bus stop, right on the highway and would not go anywhere.

People felt sorry fir him and fed him scraps. At some point, he was joined by Bonnie, another stray. The two of them we always together. The man who witnessed the dumping saw Clyde every day, just sitting there, still waiting.

And then, someone called animal control. They came with a gun as shooting strays is common in Russia. Luckily, one of the women who had become familiar with the dogs while waiting for her daily bus said the dogs were hers. She did not allow animal control to shoot them. Instead, she called the local (our) dog sanctuary and he was taken in.



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