Dolly Details
Species: Adopted 2021
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 9 -10 mo
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Color: Gray, White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date: May 2020
Location: Moscow Region
Adoption Price: $650.00 plus int transport costs
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About Dolly

I am Dolly and I am looking for a home! Just like my twin sister Gina, I am a sweet and human-oriented girl but I can be very independent and will ignore my people when they first recall me, for an extra lap around the yard. I like to play with other dogs and humans, and I am a very curious girl and I will look under the door so that I can eavesdrop on what is going on in another room.

Once I adjust to a new home I can be taken off the leash and I will always keep you in my sight. My humans think that my sister and I are part of a kangaroo because we can climb a fence pretty easily and we can like to dig the holes in a yard, so if you need to plow your garden to plant veggies or even trees, I am your girl! I think I am like that because I almost did not survive when I and my big family was found at a dumpsite. I am just happy to be alive and healthy and take as much as possible out of life. But of course, if you don’t need yard work, you can teach me not to dig. I am smart and will listen. 



Dolly along with her siblings was found at the dumpsite in May 2020. She was on a brink of death infected with Parvo and barely moving. Her mom was nowhere in sight. We think she was dump by an owner as many other pets do. We rushed her to a hospital and she fought for her life. She turned into a beautiful and healthy pup and is now ready for a family of her own.




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