Evie Details
Animal ID:
Species: Hold
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Age: 6 months
Gender: Female
Size: Medium, will grow to be 44 lb
Color: Black and White
Spayed/Neutered: No
Intake Date:
Location: GL Sanctuary, Russia
Adoption Price:
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About Evie

Evie is a beautiful and kind girl with an angel personality. She is absolutely perfect with anyone – cats, dogs, people of all ages. She is still learning manners as she didn’t have much time to learn – she was recovering from her trauma. Like any puppy, she needs to learn to walk on the leash and potty outside. She knows it is where the business is done, but if it is too cold out, she might forget that to not to freeze her behind. Like any puppy, she can steal a sleeper. Otherwise, she is absolutely family-oriented, sweet, and cute.


November 2020. Evie was only a baby when she had to go through pain and suffering. People at a remote bus stop watched Evie being thrown out of a moving vehicle, tumbling right on the highway. As if she was trash. No one reacted. No one tried to help, or even tried to get her on the sidewalk. She was discarded. Unwanted. Invisible. She was very small and weak. Trying to crawl to the sidewalk, but not making it. A young girl, a child herself, saw Evie from the bus, as she was approaching the bus stop. She was the only one who had mercy. She got out of the bus and scooped her up. The child then used her phone to call a nearby vet clinic and took a cab to bring her there. Sadly, her parents were not supportive and told her she needed to “let go”.  This girl is a middle school student and had no money to pay. Yet, she scooped up her lunch money and gave it to the vet, begging her to help Evie.

The vet told her that Evie was very sick: she has piroplasmosis and tested positive for Parvo! The only way to save her is through inpatient intensive treatment (and prayers). The vet said that unless the cost of her treatment is covered, they will euthanize her. That when we had to take Evie under our wing. She has completely recovered and is free of any disease.