Gladiator Details
Animal ID: STV-Gladiator
Status: Available for adoption
Species: Adopted 2021
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Size: 25.5
Color: Black and White
Spayed/Neutered: Neutered
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Adoption Price:
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About Gladiator


Gladiator is 5 years old pup who was thrown out the car right under the wheels of another car. He is a tripod, one-eyed dog who stands no chance being adopted in Russia.

Kind, sweet, well-adjusted boy that loves everyone. Housebroken and great on a leash.

Rescue notes on Gladiator:

Southern Russia. The dog was hit by a car. The collision was very strong. The eye jumped out and burst, his whole muzzle was covered in blood, the bones of the skull cracked and broke in several places. Luckily there were strong and courageous men who took the dog to the doctor. The chopped wound of the facial bones of the skull – that was the diagnosis. That is, the hood of the car chopped his face.  The eye did not have to be removed, doctors could not found in this mess, or maybe it remained on the road … We named the dog Gladiator. After stabilizing him, Gladiator was taken into surgery. It was necessary to clean the wound from fragments and suture it. During the operation, he suddenly developed shortness of breath, pneumothorax opened. Drains were immediately installed into the chest cavity to pump out the air. He remained with drains for two more days and only then he was discharged to the shelter.

Gladiator spent about a month at the shelter but unfortunately during this time, his right forepaw began to bother him greatly.  The fact that the paw was practically numb we knew, the brachial nerve ruptured from the blow, the supportability on it was lost followed by a circulatory failure.

Gladiator constantly licked his paw to the point when areas of necrosis began to form. The amputation was imminent. He underwent another surgery stoically, without snot, like a man. He even sighed with relief after it.

Now he is a special dog in terms of physical disabilities, but completely normal on the inside. We will not tire of repeating that disabled animals are not disabled at all. They do not feel their own peculiarities as people do. Gladiator is a completely ordinary dog ​​that loves to be petted, loves to play, and lick people’s hands. Loves to eat and sleep on a soft bed, loves to walk and run.

What difference does it make how many paws and eyes he has if his soul is drawn to humans?

Being needed is one of the main needs of the dog. Only the owner can satisfy it. Gladiator’s dream is to be near a human he can trust and feel safe with.

Look at this dashing guy! Maybe he’s yours? Gladiator has no chronic diseases, he is vaccinated and neutered.

Gladiator at the shelter


Gladiator has arrived to Rehabilitation Center in Moscow in preparation for his flight on July 11th, 2021