Hans Details
Animal ID:
Species: Dog
Breed: Jindo
Age: 4 y.o
Gender: Male
Size: 41lb
Color: White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Intake Date:
Adoption Price: 650
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About Hans

Hans is a 4-yar old very sweet Jindo boy rescued from a very sad hoarding situation. He was one of 1600 unfortunate souls (all rescued) to be born in place that raises dogs for meat. He never new a world where there are peace and care until he was brought to a foster home. And he blossomed.

Hans is friendly and sweet with humans and dogs but his haven is to be around people (and older respectful kids). He is a good listener, very gentle hugguble boy.
Hans is very mellow, relaxed and well behaved. He will keep you company at home and on your daily promenades.
Well -mannered he walks well on the leash and will never jump at strangers on the street, making you a proud owner.

Hans does not have food guarding problems, lets wash his paws after a walk and is house trained – he takes his business outside but can use a pad to pee in case of urgency.
Due to his past, Hans has a separation anxiety and his family needs to be home most of the time to give Hans time to get used to new enviroment and feel content to be left home alone withouh him feeling abandoned. He’ll do great if there is an older mellow dog in a houshold.

Healthy, Vaccinated, Neutered.

We are looking for a loving home for Hans. A home where he completely forgets his past and worries and lives a happy life that every dog deserves.