Leila Details
Animal ID:
Species: Hold
Breed: Staff Tarrier Mix
Age: 8 y.o
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Intake Date:
Adoption Price: 300
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About Leila


Leila is looking for HOME!

She wasn’t born under a lucky star and ended up at a wrong hands. Her life was not a happy one for years. She lived in Florida and her owner left her outside, with no food or shelter. This man also was physically abusing her, and finally her star brought her to a kill shelter in Miami. Leila (they called her Lady then) spent several long months in a cage. Her fate changed for the better when she was able to escape that cage an hour before euthanasia yet her unlucky star keeps following her. Leila was placed in a foster where she was kept in the basement. Now there is another foster that keeps her in a kennel because she is was not friendly to other dogs. This sweet and kind girl cannot escape the cages and loneliness that keep hunting her no matter where she goes.  

And Leila adores people. One loving person, feel of the grass on her paws and sun rays touching her face is all she needs. Regardless her age, Leila is a pretty smart dog. She learned commands fast and can be trained further. She has one flaw – she does not like other dogs living with her. Past abuse and pain from being a bait dog are hard to forget.  Her self- preservation instinct can be altered though. Patience and love create miracles. Maybe you will be the one who is powerful enough to change her fate? 

If you don’t have any animals and would love to give one unfortunate dog a chance at finally being happy, please let us know. If adoption is not possible, please consider fostering Leila.



Leila’s letter to everyone:

Have you ever thought what it is like to be born to this world as a pit bull? Of course If you are a human you don’t need to think about that. But imagine you are a dog and a pit and you get into hands of a person with a wrong agenda.

Your looks and strengths potential are exploited in fight industry, so they treat you badly to turn you into monster. And that’s not what you are when you are born! Your soul is soft and fluffy like poodle’s. You refuse to become a monster so you are turned into a bait, because you are a failure. You just have your instinct to protect yourself from danger and pain so you fight for your life and in a way you are a monster although not by choice. But damage is done and you are viewed as a pariah. People are afraid of you so you are kept on a chain, even your owner who supposed to love you is disgusted. Disgusted because you are a softy. You are paid little attention, you never feel love, never given opportunity to play on a grass and that is all you dream and crave for! Days turn into years and your dreams slowly vanish. You age on that chain and become weak, your food does not give you strength and you become a burden.

Then your time comes and you are thrown to a scary cage and labeled dangerous on a little piece of paper that is slapped on a cage door. And again people avoid you. Then they put a timestamp on your life because you use space. I am not aggressive toward people – I might kiss them to death, although no one ever died from kisses. I just don’t do well with dogs as I don’t know what to expect from them. More pain? Failure and then another punishment?

I didn’t have life until I was saved by kind people who removed that timestamp, treated me, cleaned my teeth and gave me a temporary home.. I learned what life without pain is and people say I am a kind girl. I just have to be given a chance to learn the leash.. I pull.. I pull because I am too excited! I still can’t believe it’s not a chain and I can explore freely without anything holding me back with my human by my side.. uhmm a little behind. But I understand the command sit and I can be trained. So why do they still struggle to find me a forever family? Is it because of my looks, a presumption that all pit bulls are aggressive or because I am almost 8? Can you give me a chance?
Please call. Leila is longing to be the only pet in a home. Love and a little patience. If you can give her that, then you can give her a miracle.