Maya Details
Animal ID: STV-Maya
Status: Available for Adoption
Species: Hold
Breed: Norwegian Buhund Mix
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Color: Red
Spayed/Neutered: Spayed
Intake Date:
Adoption Price:
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About Maya

Maya is young, about 2-year-old happy pup, her hind legs do not fanction, but she goes to the toilet without problems, she operates a wheelchair like Schumacher. Inside the house she runs on her front legs. Very well adjusted, people are everything to her, she loves being hugged and will give anything for a little attention. Very nimble and restless. She is a hurricane!

Rescue notes on Maya:

A good Samaritan found Maya on the road, hit by a car.  They took her to the veterinary center. The X-ray showed a spinal fracture. Generally, dogs with such injuries are euthanized. Shelters have no facilities and enough workers to look after disabled dogs. The doctors called the shelter and the administrator who answered the call felt sorry for Maya and said to not put her to sleep, we will try to heal her- what if it is a mistake and Maya can run again. But there was no mistake, Maya could not get up on her paws, she was crawling using her front paws. As a result, she was damaging her hind legs, shelter tried everything: socks, boots, then they began to bandage with Velcro bandage. And six months later Maya got a wheelchair and she mastered it even in the snowy weather. Maya is a good young dog, drawn to people, gets jealous if someone is petted and she is not. She often sits indoors, because there is no one to put her in a stroller and look after her while she drives her chariot. Only on weekends, she gets a chance to run when a volunteer comes especially for her, and then Maya goes out for a walk.

Maya stands absolutely no chance for a home in Russia.  Everyone is afraid of the slightest commitment. Many dogs in Russia live outside in dog houses and Maya should live inside or she will freeze, and people are not ready to take her inside. So Maya is sitting in the shelter with no way out, no future, and no chance to be loved.




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