Oddie Details
Animal ID:
Species: Adopted 2023
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Male
Size: 25 lb
Color: Golden
Spayed/Neutered: Neutered
Housetrained: Housetrained
Intake Date:
Adoption Price: 650
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About Oddie

Hi, my name is Oddie!

I am very happy young boy who is always smiling no matter what.

When I was born, everyone wanted to take me home. I was a creamy colored, happy fuzzball.  I ended up with a man who owned a building that houses a restaurant 4 stories above the apartment. Although he rarely played with me, I was fed pretty much every day, so I did not complain. As I was getting bigger, my value to the owner was getting smaller. One day I lost it completely and he stopped taking me outside. It was a nightmare for me, because I had no choice but to look for spots in a house, which I could use as a bathroom. I cant tell you how guilty I felt!  Very soon it became obvious and my owner decided to correct the issue by skipping my meals. Some days, I would go to sleep with an empty tummy. My growling stomach was my lullaby that put me to sleep. One day the man became furious when I peed in the corner. He grabbed me by the throat and shoved me in the empty spare space at the roof top of his building.

This lonely space, hidden from the public, has become my forever home. I was exposed to sun and rain, snow and low temperatures but I was happy there because the man stopped abusing me. In the beginning he was bringing food almost every day, but eventually he stopped coming, I do not think he cared if I was alive.

One day, I was so hungry and my tummy was so painful, that I started crying louder and louder.

The building under me was a place for tourists who came to visit our town. A lady tourist became curious about cries coming from the roof and came to find me. She was my Angel! She gave me some food , petted me and hugged me. She held me close, rocking me and crying with me. She told me that conditions I was living in were unthinkable and that she would find a way to save me. I believed her and smiled at her, while she was taking a picture of me surrounded by my excrements.

Do you see my huge smile? This is kind a guy I am. My Angel came back with another Angel (her daughter) and I was finally taken from my tyrant for good. I was so excited!  I couldn’t stop smiling and licking my beautiful angels’ faces.

They took me straight to the vet,  first time ever!  Veterinarian examined me, and found that I was Heartworm positive. My foster mom, my third Angel. took great care of me and I felt very blessed because I was surrounded by kindness and everybody was trying to help me. The best part is that I was introduced to other guys who look just like me: they had 4 paws and were wagging their tails. I love them. I thought they were my toys. My mom explained to me that they are not toys. They a living and breathing creatures that have feelings like myself. I am trying be gentle with them. But excitement gets over me and sometimes I play rough.

I need to get some training to understand how to interract with other animals because I am only learning to do so. I don’t mean to hurt anyone, I love everybody and give them my big smile. I do pull on a leash a little because this is something that is new to me as well. Besides, there is so much to see in this wonderful world that I couldn’t see from my rooftop! So, I need to learn few things. However, I am a smart boy! I am fully home trained. My mom told me that I am going to find my forever home and I am really looking forward to it. I know, I need a strong dedicated human who will help me learn.  I don’t mind being taught and I am a quick learner. You will be proud of me!

Please, come and find me. I can be your fluffy Angel.

See you soon!

With love,


Oddie is 4yo, about 25 lbs.

He is healthy, HW-, fully vaccinated and neutered. We believe that he is a Mix of Golden Retriever and Jindo

Only serious applicants please!

The best family for Oddie would be with older kids, no cats. He could be a second dog in a family with mature older dog who will tech him a lesson or two . Oddie would benefit from obedience lessons. His big smile and big heart will be your gift back from him.

This is where I lived: 

This is my new life: